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Dog Gone Release Date: When and Where Was This Filmed?

Dog Gone, also known as Diamond Dog Caper, is a 2008 American comedy film directed by Mark Stouffer and starring Luke Benward, French Stewart, Brittany Curran, and Kevin Farley.

The plot revolves around a young boy who rescues and hides a golden retriever carrying a fortune in stolen diamonds from a gang of thugs.

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Dog Gone Story

A notorious diamond thief and two dimwitted accomplices pull over on the side of the road where 12-year-old Owen notices them mistreating their dog. The boy steps in to offer the thirsty dog a drink, but it flees into the woods.

Dog Gone Release Date

He assists the enraged thugs in their search for the animal deep within the forest, then abandons them. Owen rescues the dog and takes refuge in his secret fort, which has been cleverly fortified with booby traps and defense mechanisms to repel intruders.

His fort is built bravely atop the ridge where the feared “Madman of the Mountain” is said to reside.

The thugs chase Owen down, desperate to recover their $5 million in stolen jewels stashed on the dog, and a fantastic battle ensues.

Can one kid with a fancy fort protect an animal from three determined thieves? Is the legendary Madman of the Mountain real? Children of all ages will enjoy the fast-paced action and comedy in this heartwarming story.

New Rescue Group Helping Canines Find a Dog Gone Home

Too often, say Kelly Rourke and Jenifer LaVoie, people fall in love with a young shelter dog’s eyes and make the emotional, but the rash, decision to take home that puppy in the window, only to discover over the next few months or so that the animal, for a variety of reasons, is not a good fit for their family.

Then it ends up back at the shelter, older and more difficult to place.

Stopping that cycle is the goal of Dog Gone Home, the pet rescue they founded to help stray dogs find forever homes.

Dog Gone Release Date

Unlike shelters, rescues such as Dog Gone Home place animals directly in foster homes, where they can become acclimated to family life and humans can get to know them, their quirks, and their behaviors.

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Dog Gone Cast

As previously stated, the film stars Rob Lowe and The Wilds alum Johnny Berchtold. The entire cast is detailed below.

  • Johnny Berchtold as Fielding Marshall
  • Rob Lowe as Fielding’s dad, John
  • Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Fielding’s mom, Ginny
  • Nick Peine

Lowe teased that the movie is “a total emotional journey that will definitely give you all the feels” while chatting with Tulum, admitting that he was “super proud” of it.

What’s the Netflix Release Date for Dog Gone?

We can now confirm that Dog Gone will be available on Netflix on Friday, January 13th, 2023, thanks to promotional material released by Netflix.

Dog Gone Trailer

When and Where Was Dog Gone Filmed?

We’d known for a while that production on Dog Gone would begin in late August 2021, thanks to issue 1259 of Production Weekly.

Following a brief pre-production period, the film began filming on September 8th, 2021, and lasted for more than four months before concluding on January 28th, 2022.

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