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Memix, A Revolutionary New App, Has Shot To The Top of The App Store Charts!

Memix is the number one app on the App Store right now. It’s a free app that lets you make your own GIF memes and share them instantly in a chat with other apps.

Memix is the first new app in over a decade to really shake up the chat space. It was made by the same people who made the social messaging platform IRL. How? By recognizing that people have changed the way they talk to each other.

CEO Abraham Shafi says, “Memes have become the language of everyone.” “And now everyone can speak fluently.”

Memix realizes that internet memes are no longer just silly things to do. They are a very important part of how we talk to each other.

Since you asked, evolutionist Richard Dawkins came up with the word “Meme” in 1976. Dawkins’ main point was that good ideas, like genes, want to be passed on and copied, with changes along the way. Memes that work well, like genes that work well, get passed on to many people.
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Memix, A Revolutionary New App, Has Shot To The Top of The App Store Charts

To put it simply, the culture of internet memes today is like Richard Dawkins on steroids.

Memes are what we talk about every day.
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Memes are used every day by leaders, artists, the rich and famous, and even your mom. And no group more than Generation Z, who spends most of their time online and whose obscure and deliciously hard-to-understand inside jokes have turned the meme into an art form.

Why Hasn’t The Way We Text Changed Along with The Culture?

“Memes are pieces of culture that people share with each other and in groups.” Before Memix, if you had a great idea for a meme, you had to find a template or ask a friend who was good at making memes. It was too hard for most people to do.’ says Shafi.

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Memix, A Revolutionary New App, Has Shot To The Top of The App Store Charts

“You can do it right away in the chat with Memix.”

Memix is free to download on iOS and Android, and it works well with all of your other chat apps, like iMessage, Discord, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and so on.

Just type in the text you want to see, and Memix will turn it into a meme. Then you can go to the chat and blow everyone’s mind.

Shafi says, “Our goal has always been to make the “Intimate Internet.”

“Memix is a perfect example of that vision,” he said. Memes are a way for people to share their latest jokes or their deepest feelings with people they care about.

“This is the start of a whole new time.
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” We are giving everyone access to meme culture, which will change everything.’

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