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What Happens to Rufus at the End of Kindred Ending Explained?

Kindred is a 2020 British mystery horror drama film written and directed by Joe Marcantonio and starring Tamara Lawrance, Jack Lowden, and Fiona Shaw.

The film made its drive-in debut at the 2021 Montclair Film Festival.

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The Ending of Kindred Explained

The Octavia E. Butler novel “Kindred” has been adapted into a television series by FX. It is described as a “grim fantasy,” and it follows Dana (Mallori Johnson), a young woman who has recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a television writer.

Soon after moving into her new home, she is confronted with strange occurrences that appear to transport her back to the American South of the 1800s. What she thinks is a vivid dream sequence becomes a new reality as it occurs more frequently.

Kindred Ending Explained

Denise (Eisa Davis), Dana’s aunt, does not believe her. She believes history is repeating itself because Dana’s mother, Olivia (Sheria Irving), experienced similar visions prior to her death.

Kevin (Micah Stock), a waiter who assists her in getting home from work and becomes her only friend in her new home, is the only person who believes the young woman. He ends up inadvertently following her back in time and experiencing the nineteenth century alongside her.

 As “Kindred” Season 1 comes to a close, Dana is trying to figure out why she is being summoned to the past and how she can stop it. Let’s go over everything revealed in the final episode of the adaptation, from where each character is (or isn’t) to what Dana’s revelations could mean for the future.

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Kindred (Season 1) Review

Kindred was a rollercoaster ride. The intricate storytelling structure did present some basic difficulties and confusion. They were not, however, enough to displace Branden Jenkins’ effort to dramatize Octavia Butler’s revolutionary novel of the same name.

Kindred Ending Explained

Jenkins distributes the weight of the story well with the writers over eight parts, preventing any segment from becoming lopsided. As a result, the quality of the production, story, and characters remains consistent throughout. It keeps the viewer interested and engaged in the story.

As Jenkins begins his world-building, there is a slight hesitation to proceed. However, the one-of-a-kind convergence of creative brilliance on screen and a jousting, twisty script with rich observations about racism and cultural prejudices catches you off guard.

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Looking at the past through the lens of the present is a tired theme these days. Kindred, on the other hand, reverses its contours slightly, exploring the past through the sensibilities of the present placed in that timeline.

Kindred Season 1 Official Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Ending of Kindred Mean?

In the end, Denise’s Husband Alan Calls Her to Tell Her That Dana’s Mother, Olivia, Had Been Found by the Police in Her Home. This Demonstrates That the Whole Time-travel Shenanigan Was, After All, Very Real.

What Happens to Rufus at the End of Kindred?

After the Funeral, Rufus Meets With Dana Alone and Expresses His Fear That She Will Abandon Him Someday and Let Him Die. He Gets Up in Dana’s Face and Even Grabs Her. Dana Realises He’s Going to Try to Rape Her, So She Grabs a Knife and Murders Rufus.

What Happens at the End of the Fight in Kindred?

But, in the end, Alice Chooses Rufus. A Few Days Later, Alice Hands Dana Some Papers She Discovered in Rufus’ Bag. The Papers Are Dana’s Letters to Kevin, Which Means Rufus Never Mailed Them. Dana Decides to Flee the Plantation After Learning the Truth.

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