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Where to Watch the Fabelmans: Know More About the Movie!

The Fabelmans is a 2022 American coming-of-age drama film directed by Steven Spielberg, written by Tony Kushner, and co-produced by Steven Spielberg.

It is a semi-autobiographical story loosely based on Spielberg’s youth and early years as a filmmaker, told through an original story of the fictional Sammy Fabelman, a young aspiring filmmaker who explores how the power of film can help him see the truth about his dysfunctional family and others.

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The ensemble cast of the film includes Gabriel LaBelle as Sammy, Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, and Judd Hirsch in supporting roles. This film is dedicated to Spielberg’s deceased parents, Leah Adler and Arnold Spielberg, who passed away in 2017 and 2020, respectively.

Where to Watch the Fabelmans

As of now, the only way to see The Fabelmans is to go to the theatre when it opens on Wednesday, November 23.

Where to Watch the Fabelmans

On Fandango, you can find a local showing. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until it’s available for rent or purchase on digital platforms such as Vudu, Apple, YouTube, and Amazon, or until it’s available for streaming on Peacock.

When Will the Fabelmans Be on Streaming?

The Fabelmans, which is being distributed by Universal Pictures, will likely be available on Peacock, an NBCUniversal-owned streaming service, approximately 45 days after its theatrical debut, which means we could be able to watch it from the comfort of our own homes in mid- to late-January.

However, other films such as Nope have taken longer to reach the streaming service (more than 100 days to be exact), so this estimate should be taken with a grain of salt.

Will the Fabelmans Be on Hbo Max?

The Fabelmans will not be available on HBO Max, as it is not a Warner Bros. production. In 2012, the company released its films simultaneously on HBO Max and in theatres.

However, they now permit a 45-day window between the theatrical and streaming release.

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Will the Fabelmans Be on Netflix?

The Fabelmans will not be available on Netflix, at least not in the near future.

Where to Watch the Fabelmans

In the meantime, you’ll have to visit a movie theatre or wait for Peacock to make it available to stream.

How Can You Watch the Fabelmans at Home?

Don’t want to go to the movies? You’ll appreciate the fact that you can watch The Fabelmans from the comfort of your own home.

The Fabelmans is currently available to rent for $19.99 or buy for $24.99 from digital retailers Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Vudu, and Google Play. Yes, it’s pricey, but that’s because the film is still in theatres, so the current rental price is inflated.

 If you’re patient enough, the price will eventually come down.

There is no set streaming date for The Fabelmans, but because it is distributed by Universal Pictures, it will most likely be available on Peacock.

New movies can debut on Peacock as soon as 45 days after they premiere in theatres, so keep an eye out! When the film is released on Peacock, it will be available only to Premium ($5/month) and Premium Plus ($10/month) members.

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The Fabelmans Trailer

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