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God’s Favorite Idiot Ending Explained: Everything You Need to Know!

God’s Favorite Idiot is a Netflix original apocalyptic workplace comedy created and starring Ben Falcone.

The series has sixteen episodes, with the first eight premiering on June 15, 2022.

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God’s Favorite Idiot Ending, Explained

First and foremost, God’s Favorite Idiot concludes with a number of cliffhangers, which, while frustrating, bode well for a second season.

God's Favorite Idiot Ending Explained

The series was originally supposed to have 16 episodes before production was halted and the series was reduced to eight. A second batch of the originally planned eight episodes is reportedly set to be filmed at a later date, so fingers crossed for more!

In terms of the season’s conclusion, we see Clark and Emily eventually fleeing town. Their attempt to spread God’s message had been met with a lot of hatred, so God tells them to leave in order to stay safe.

However, Clark’s mission is not over; God gives Clark his next destination (which we don’t get to see), and episode eight ends with Clark and Emily driving away together. On a more personal level, the moment ends with Emily admitting to Clark that she, too, loves him. Finally!

 Okay, but there are bigger issues at hand. The war with Lucifer is still ongoing, and by the end of the series, it appears that Lucifer may have won, putting humanity’s future at risk.

However, by episode eight, Lucifer’s dominance appears to be waning, with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse potentially shifting their allegiance.

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Furthermore, Satan appears to be a threat to Lucifer’s power, as she arguably wants the throne for herself, while Tom the Baptist is still recruiting more disciples – indicating that the battle is far from over.

God's Favorite Idiot Ending Explained

The Episode Review

The season finale’s title could be correct. It’s also a reason why ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ might not win. Because it just won’t stop being bad.

I couldn’t figure out how the group got out of the hospital alive. But I suppose that isn’t the point of the show. The goal is to spread the message that all religions and prayers are equal before God.

Good deeds have no color to them. They are not distinguishable or classifiable. But how did ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ demonstrate this? Were we supposed to just sit there and get it all on our own?

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Then why did we need the show at all if we could have come to that conclusion on our own? The answers to those questions are only known to God.

God’s Favorite Idiot Trailer

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