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Top Best-Selling Video Games of the Outgoing Year

The best-selling games of 2022 include a broad spectrum of preferences and styles, from the newest instalment in a lengthy series to something brand new. Everything from sports games to first-person shooters to racing games to fantasy RPGs, titles for almost every system and age group are here. The best-selling video games of 2022 are listed below.

To begin, the widespread appeal of these games stems from the fact that they are convenient, entertaining, and, in most cases, easy to master. Whatever the case may be, you should realize that these games’ widespread appeal is directly proportional to the amount of fun they provide. The good news is that you won’t have trouble locating a version of any of these games, thanks to their widespread popularity. These top-selling games of 2022 are available for purchase from a wide variety of retailers, both brick-and-mortar and virtual.

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You should also join the video gaming discussion by taking part in some of these games millions of people have already played. Not just that, you would be participating in a modern cultural institution. Here are the top best-selling video games of 2022.

Elden Ring

The role-playing action-adventure open-world videogame Elden Ring, released in February 2022, has quickly become the topic of conversation among gamers. The game dominates worldwide sales statistics garnering about 15 million sales in 2022. In Elden Ring, players are free to roam a beautiful fantasy world with their own unique, fully customizable characters, making use of a vast selection of weapons, magical skills, and summoned monsters as they do so.

Plenty of possibilities for fast-paced fighting are available, and there’s also the choice to play a stealthier game. There’s a good reason why Elden Ring surpassed all other video games in popularity in 2022. Since it’s already at the top of the best-sellers chart, gamers can count on it keeping that position for the foreseeable future.

The main characteristics:

  • Developer: FromSoftware Inc.
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Platforms available: PC/Steam, PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

To the delight of Kirby enthusiasts and newbies alike, The Forgotten Land is the first major title to use full 3D animation. Fans of the Kirby series have been playing each new entry in the series, which now numbers thirteen mainstream games. One of the most highly regarded chapters in the Kirby series, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, is the newest instalment.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land sold 2.1 million copies in its first two weeks and proceeded to sell many millions more copies in the months that followed, almost guaranteeing the release of other Kirby episodes in the years to come. Kirby is a likable main character since his games are accessible to those with no prior gaming experience.

The main characteristics:

  • Developer: HAL Laboratory
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platform available: Nintendo Switch

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The LEGO video game brand has consistently had high sales, beginning with the original LEGO Harry Potter video game and continuing with subsequent instalments like LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Lord of the Rings, and LEGO Incredibles. This latest entry keeps up the pattern.

The success of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga may be attributed to several factors, including the high expectations that preceded it because of its scale, complexity, and several delays. There was excitement, to be sure, but there were also many people who had played the previous games in the series as children and wanted to relive their youth.

Also, a new generation of youngsters and adults has decided that now is the best moment to get into LEGO Star Wars. Regardless of the impetus, these sales numbers indicate that LEGO will most certainly continue to produce video games in the future.

The main characteristics:

  • Developer: TT Games, The Traveler’s Tales
  • Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive
  • Platforms available: PC/Steam, Xbox One

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus welcomed the gaming community into the new year. As the long-awaited precursor to the all-time best-selling Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, this game had to shatter all previous achievements, and it achieved just that.

In each of the first four months of 2022, the game continued to hold the position of having the highest number of sales. Arceus, which is a part of the eighth instalment of the Pokémon franchise, transports players back in time to the early days of Japan’s colonization and challenges them to capture all of the Pokémon that can be found in the area. Arceus is a fitting addition to the list of the best-selling video games of 2022, having sold more than 12 million copies so far.

The main characteristics:

  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platform available: Nintendo Switch

Gran Turismo

In March 2022, the fan-favourite racing title Gran Turismo also brought back some of its most recognizable courses and vehicles. Gran Turismo 7, the seventh instalment in the series, has visually stunning photo-realistic graphics and is likely to be considered the series’ crowning achievement. These games offer immersive experiences that transport you to captivating virtual realms. But let’s not forget another realm of excitement and anticipation, the world of online casinos. As you immerse yourself in the exhilarating worlds of Gran Turismo and Lego Star Wars, imagine channeling that same thrill into the realm of online gambling. Enter 10bet Casino South Africa , a premier online casino where entertainment and the chance to strike it rich go hand in hand. Just as these video games require strategy and skill, navigating the thrilling world of online casinos demands sharp judgment and calculated moves.

The amount of time that has passed since the last Gran Turismo game, Gran Turismo 6, in 2013 has resulted in a tremendous amount of buildup and expectation for the release of Gran Turismo 7. It is no surprise that the game has been successful enough to earn a spot on the list of the most popular games of 2022. Additionally, Gran Turismo 7 set a new benchmark for the biggest-ever first-month sales for the brand upon its release.

The main characteristics:

  • Developer: Polyphony Digital
  • Publisher: Sony
  • Platforms available: PS4/PS5

Final Thoughts

It’s important to note that some of 2022’s most popular video games will only be available on certain systems. Additionally, several of those systems are cutting-edge. Be sure you have the right console, configuration, and controllers for the game before you purchase it. The video game should also have a list of things you’ll need to be printed on the bottom of the rear cover of the case.

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