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Is Zach Tinker Gay? What is The Sexuality of American Actor Zach Tinker!

Zach Tinker is a famous American actor. He is best known for playing Fenmore Baldwin on The Young and the Restless, a CBS daytime soap opera. Tinker was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2019 for how he played the role.

Tinker has also been in Law & Order: True Crime, American Horror Story, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Why Women Kill. Tinker was cast as Sonny Kiriakis in the TV miniseries Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem in 2021. This was a spinoff of the long-running NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. Tinker took over the role on the main show in 2022.

Early Years and Education

Is Zach Tinker Gay

Zachary Atticus Tinker was born in New York on May 8, 1994. When he was three, his family moved to Los Angeles. He is the son of Lori Mozilo and John Tinker, who is a TV producer and writer. Lori is a manager at Disney, and her family is from Italy.

His parents are no longer together. Through his father, Tinker is the grandson of Grant Tinker, who worked in television, and the nephew of Mark Tinker, who made movies and TV shows. When he was in elementary school, Tinker started acting.

Until he stopped growing as a teenager, he also wanted to play in the NBA. He went to Gonzaga University for his first year of college. Tinker wanted to be a writer like his father and brother. But after he was in a play called “Tape” by Stephen Belber, Tinker decided he wanted to be an actor for a living.

Before that, acting had just been a hobby. Then, when he was a junior, he switched to Loyola Marymount University to study theatre. In 2019, Tinker joked that becoming an actor made him the “Black Sheep” of his family. But Tinker said that his family has been supportive, even though his father was skeptical at first.

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Is Zach Tinker Gay?

Is Zach Tinker Gay
Zach Tinker and Cait Fairbanks

No, Zach Tinker is Not Gay and His Sexual Orientation is Straight. Taking a look at the people Zach Tinker has dated in the past, it seems likely that he is not gay. Zach has been with two different women in the past.

He was very close to Camille Ramsay and only told her how much he loved her on social media. Camille works in a studio where music and TV are made.

Later, when he was cast in “The Young and the Restless,” he started dating Cait Fairbanks, who was also in the show. At the moment, Tinker is playing the role of Sonny Kiriakis on Peacock’s “Days of Our Lives” with Chandler Massey.

Since 2010, Chandler has played a bisexual character named Will Horton, and Zach plays Will’s husband. Before he tried out for the show, Zach didn’t know anything about his past roles.

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