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The Upshaws Season 3: Release Date Confirmed on Netflix | Check the Trailer!

Just like that, Mke Epps and Wanda Sykes are back for season 3 of The Upshaws. Fans of comedies still like the show because it shows how Bennie Upshaw (Epps) and his family deal with their problems.

Even though their problems are often serious, the ways they solve them are often funny. In the season 2 finale, viewers were left wondering how the patriarch would get out of his latest mistake, which landed him and his sister-in-law in jail.

Based on what we know about him, we think his next steps will involve a lot of talking, some bad jokes, and some clever answers just for Lucretia (Sykes), who will no doubt insult him a lot. What else can fans hope to see in the brand-new episodes? Here’s what we know about season 3 of The Upshaws.

When Will Season 3 of The Upshaws Come Out?

The Upshaws Season 3

Right now, we don’t know what will happen to “The Upshaws” on the Netflix Network. Based on how the show has been released in the past, Season 3 of The Upshaws could start on Thursday, February 16, 2023.

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The Upshaws Season 3: Storyline

You might remember that by the end of season 2, Bennie and Lucretia were on their way to prison. Bennie thought he was helping out at the auto repair shop when he bought parts for cars at a discount. He stole, which is a shame, and explains why the parts were so cheap.

We don’t know how he plans to get out of this mess, but we hope it’s over before Lucretia gets mad at him for dragging her into it as his business partner. At the end of the second season, Regina (Fields) lost her temper at work and quit.

Even though the family’s finances got better during that time, she may have to think about going back to her old job if Bennie stays in jail and the company keeps having trouble. In Season 3, the Upshaw kids have their own growing pains.

The Upshaws Season 3

While Bernard (Simon) is still learning how to be a good dad, Aaliyah (Spraggins) is having trouble becoming famous at school, and Kelvin (Lyons) is still getting used to being an Upshaw with a mother who isn’t Regina.

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Who is in the Cast of The Upshaws Season 3?

  • Mike Epps as Bernard “Bennie” Upshaw Sr.
  • Kim Fields as Regina Upshaw
  • Wanda Sykes as Lucretia Turner
  • Diamond Lyons as Kelvin Upshaw
  • Khali Spraggins as Aaliyah Upshaw
  • Page Kennedy as Duck
  • Jermelle Simon as Bernard Upshaw Jr.
  • Gabrielle Dennis as Tasha Lewis
  • Journey Christine as Maya Upshaw
  • Creators: Regina Y. Hicks and Wanda Sykes

Is There a Trailer for Season 3 of The Upshaws?

Yes, From the look of the trailer, the Upshaw family may be in for some changes. Still, Lucretia’s dislike for her sister’s husband seems to stay the same.

Where Can I Watch The Upshaws?

The Upshaws is a funny TV show that can be watched by people who use the streaming service Netflix. Then the question is, “Why don’t you start right away?” I really think you should watch the show on Netflix if you haven’t already.


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