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Toy Story 5: Officially Announced by Disney | When Will It Release?


Toy Story 5: Disney has said that Woody and Buzz will be back in Toy Story 5. During the 2023 year-end earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that Pixar would make a new Toy Story sequel. It will be the sixth full-length Toy Story movie, coming after Toy Story 4 in 2019 and Lightyear in 2022.

The Pixar series, which started in 1995 and announced the arrival of the animation studio, has made more than $3.3 billion so far. Toy Story 5 will try to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and become another hit for Disney at the box office. Here’s what we know so far about Toy Story 5.

When Will Toy Story 5 Be Released?

We don’t know when Toy Story 5 will come out, but we can look at when the other movies have come out to get an idea. Toy Story 4 was first announced in 2014, but it didn’t come out until 2019.

Toy Story 5

If the fifth movie takes as long to make as the other four, it might not come out until 2028. If so, you’ll have to wait a long time. But the movie could be made faster, and we’ll update this page as soon as we know more.

What Will Happen in Toy Story 5?

Fans were surprised to hear that there will be a Toy Story 5, especially since the end of Toy Story 4 felt so final. In fact, at the time, producer Mark Nielsen said, “We see Toy Story 3 as the end of Woody’s time with Andy, and we really see this as the end of Woody’s story and the story of Buzz and Woody.”

In that movie, Woody and Bo Peep got back together. At the end of the movie, Woody decided to stay with Bo Peep, leaving the rest of the group to go with Bonnie.

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We don’t know anything about the plot of Toy Story 5. But a tweet from Tim Allen after Disney’s announcement makes it clear that the movie will bring Woody and Buzz back together after they said goodbye at the end of the last movie.

Who is in the Cast of Toy Story 5?

The cast for Toy Story 5 hasn’t been announced yet, but we know that Tim Allen will be in it because he tweeted about it soon after the news broke. Tom Hanks also seems like a good choice for Woody. Annie Potts will play Bo Peep, Tony Hale will play Forky, John Ratzenberger will play Hamm, and Blake Calrk will play Slinky Dog.

Toy Story 5

All of these actors have played their characters in every appearance so far. The big question is who will show up as a guest star. In Toy Story 4, Christina Hendricks and Keanu Reeves set a very high bar. We’ll be sure to update this section when we find out more!

Does Toy Story 5 Have a Trailer?

There isn’t a trailer for Toy Story 5 yet, but we’ll make sure to keep this page up-to-date when there is one. For now, you can come back to this page to watch the trailer for Toy Story 4.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Ever Be a Toy Story 5?

Tim Allen says that he will be back as Buzz Lightyear. Tim Allen was seen at the premiere of Disney’s “The Santa Clauses” in 2022, where he confirmed that he had signed on for another Disney sequel, “Toy Story 5,” in which he will play Buzz Lightyear again.

What Does Toy Story’s Code 546 Mean?

Tell Buzz it’s code 546, which means you’re talking about royalty. When you leave Buzz, give him the Vulcan hand salute and say “Farewell.”

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