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Does Hopper Die in Stranger Things? Here’s What Happens to the Character


Before the last episodes of the season, there were a lot of questions, but the biggest question on everyone’s mind was who might live and who might die in the last episodes.

After all, the only people who had died before those two episodes were new characters who had just been introduced this season and whom viewers hadn’t had much time to get to know before they died.

Fans were most worried about Hopper, who we thought had died after the lab exploded in season 3, only to find out later that he had lived. Even though he didn’t die in season 3, people were starting to worry that his luck might finally run out as season 4 came to an end. So, did Hopper say his final goodbye in the last episodes of the season?

Does Hopper Die in Stranger Things?

Although Hopper is once again put in perilous situations this season, he does not perish in Stranger Things. He has had a few close calls, though. As the season begins, we find Hopper in Russia, where he was kidnapped after the lab explosion in the season 3 finale.

Does Hopper Die in Stranger Things

Hopper had been planning an escape ever since he was taken prisoner in the hopes of returning to the people he had left behind. Hopper was able to convey a note to Joyce about collecting money from an account he had set up for Eleven and meeting a contact in Alaska with the help of one of the prison guards.

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While he was successful in delivering the letter to Joyce and putting the plan into action, that was only one element of the strategy. To get to Joyce, he had to first break out of the prison, which required a precise and risky plan.

Is Hopper Able to Defeat the Demogorgon in Stranger Things?

After escaping from the Russian prison, Hopper is apprehended due to his outside contact selling him out. When he is apprehended, he is thrown back into a cell, this time with the guard who helped him escape the first time. Things only become worse for Hopper when he returns to the Russian prison.

Essentially, the Russians obtained a Demogorgon, and Hopper is about to become the latest prisoner to be thrown into a fenced enclosure to combat the creature. Fortunately, this isn’t Hopper’s first encounter with a Demogorgon.

Does Hopper Die in Stranger Things

He thinks quickly on his feet and steals a bottle of booze from their last dinner feast, then steals a lighter in a battle with a guard. What is the strategy? Knowing that the monsters dislike fire, use the two supplies to create a firey weapon.

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When the battle begins, it appears that Hopper’s luck has run out when the lighter he stole fails to ignite the flame required to set fire to his alcohol-soaked spear. When it appears that all hope is lost, the lighter finally catches a flame, which Hopper can use to create a blazing spear.


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