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Is South Korean Rapper Kang Min Soo Gay in Real Life?


Kang Min Soo was a competitor on Mnet’s ‘School Rapper’ season 3 in 2019, where he gained acclaim for his musical skills.

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Who is Kang Min Soo?

Aquinas, whose actual name is Kang Minsoo, was a competitor on the Korean TV program High School Rapper in 2019, where he finished second. In 2016, he was also featured in the rap competition program Show Me the Money.

Aquinas shared a photo on Instagram on Tuesday of a bisexual flag with the words “I’m a bisexual” inscribed in both English and Korean.

The rapper’s simple but effective coming out post has received a lot of love on the site, with thousands of admirers showing their support for him.

One follower remarked they are “so proud” of Aquinas while another person replied that they will “always be on your side”.

Is Kang Min Soo Gay?

During a phone interview with Media, rapper Aquinas expressed his desire to convey his support and give confidence to South Korea’s LGBTQ+ population. He admitted that it was difficult for him to live his life while concealing his sexual orientation.

He told the narrative of why he decided to come out as bisexual, saying, “I deliberated for hours before publishing the post.” He went on to add, “Gender identity, in my opinion, is only one piece of information that everyone possesses.

Is Kang Min Soo Gay?

I was really frustrated because I had to conceal it. The LGBTQ+ group is still discriminated against and condemned in our culture. Therefore I reasoned that if I made such a confession at such a young age, the LGBTQ+ community would be encouraged and comforted.”

Rapper Aquinas stunned everyone when he posted a selfie on Instagram with the caption, “I am bisexual.” During the phone conversation, he continued to expand, adding, “I feel that having a sexual identity is inherent from birth. The LGBTQ+ community is still vilified, and some people are even abandoned by their families.”

Aquinas stated in his conclusion, “I questioned if it would be appropriate to share and what people would think. Yet, I only published the message I’ve been intending to express because I wanted to give the LGBTQ+ community courage.”

He added that although he still worries about his family, he doesn’t regret coming out as bisexual. He said, “They already knew who I was, but I don’t believe they expected me to tell everyone. I feel sorry, but I had to do this, especially because my younger sibling is a high school student.”

Who is Kang Min Soo Boyfriend?

There are many celebrities in this world who keep their personal life secret. Kang Min Soo also did the same. He did not share any information about his love life. As of now, we can consider him single.

We have covered a lot of stories in 2023 on claims that a lot of famous people, like Carlos Cuevas, Ncuti Gatwa, and many more, are homosexual or lesbian. I hope we were successful in answering your question, “Is Kang Min Soo Gay?

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