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Does Jughead Die in Riverdale? Find Out What Happened to the Character


Riverdale is a popular series on The CW that follows the adventures of some courageous teens in the titular town. Over the seasons, the stories have been getting crazier, from a whodunit to a serial killer. However, in all the mysteries the gang has encountered, Jughead Jones has been an indispensable part.

His keen investigative instinct, coupled with the goodness of his heart has made him a fan favorite. Therefore, fans were concerned when Jughead’s death was teased, and then the show built toward it. So, is Jughead really dead?

Does Jughead Die in Riverdale?

Jughead apparently dies of a wound to his head. We see Betty standing over his body with a bloody rock in her hands. However, Jughead actually fakes his death. The gash on Jughead’s forehead, combined with the fact that both Donna and Bret believe him to be dead, lead us to believe there was actually a murder plot.

Jughead goes to the Stonewall party to confront Bret and then plans to go to the woods to settle matters. On the way, he switches the bunny mask for his trademark beanie, which probably cushions the blow and keeps him alive. However, the preppies don’t know that.

Does Jughead Die in Riverdale

They frame Betty for the murder by blowing Devil’s Breath into her face, making her lose consciousness. Then, they put the apparent murder weapon in Betty’s hand. It would be a perfect crime, except for the fact that Jughead saw it coming.

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It is pretty evident that Jughead is not dead and the show reveals the same within two episodes. Archie also tells Mary Andrews the truth, and Betty reveals the secret to Alice. But, why go to the trouble of faking his death?

Did Jughead Pretend to Die? How Did He Survive?

Yes, Jughead faked his death after learning that his creative writing classmates had attempted to murder him. In Season 4, Episode 15, we learn what happened to Jughead. When Jughead is hit on the head with a stone, his iconic beanie absorbs the impact.

That is a life-saving beanie! That is how he survived the assassination attempt. We then realize that Jughead’s girlfriend Betty did not attempt to murder him after all, which is why he staged an elaborate hoax to gather information from his fellow Stonewallers.

Does Jughead Die in Riverdale

The episode also revealed that Jughead had been hiding in a bunker the entire time, trying to convince everyone that he had been murdered. This twist, and especially the unnecessary drama that followed, did not impress fans.

Some claimed that the way the lie was maintained hampered the potentially thrilling conspiracy arc. Others thought the lame explanation and romantic drama that followed Jughead’s “death,” when Betty kissed Archie to make the ruse more convincing, were the worst!

Why Was Jughead Believed to Be Dead by Everyone?

Early in season 4, we see scary flashes of Jughead’s death. But we don’t know he’s dead until we see his body in the coroner’s office. In the scene, his family and friends are also having a wake for him.

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But the final blow came when his girlfriend Betty started dating Archie Andrews, a friend, and former crush. At that point, everyone knew Jugheads was gone for good.

Who Plays Jughead in Stranger Riverdale?

Cole Sprouse plays Jughead on the TV show Stranger Riverdale. Cole Mitchell Sprouse is an American actor and photographer who was born on August 4, 1992. He is best known for playing Cody Martin on the Disney Channel shows The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (2005–2008) and The Suite Life on Deck (2008–present).

Does Jughead Die in Riverdale

At the beginning of his career, he worked on different projects with his twin brother Dylan Sprouse. In 2017, Sprouse started playing Jughead Jones on Riverdale, a show on The CW.

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