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Season 3 of Euphoria Will Take Longer Than Expected, and Zendaya is to Blame!


Overnight, the web series Euphoria starring Zendaya became a phenomenon. Since the sudden conclusion of season 2, the audience’s anticipation and fervor have increased by a factor of two.

There were widespread rumors that filming for season 3 will commence in the first half of February, but it appears that the start date has been pushed back. It might have been delayed for a variety of reasons. To learn more about it, scroll down.

In September 2018, Warner Bros. released Smallfoot, an animated feature in which Zendaya provided the voice of the yeti Meechee. She contributed two songs to the soundtrack as well. The picture was met with favorable reviews.

Season 3 of Euphoria Will Take Longer Than Expected, and Zendaya is to Blame!

In June 2019, Zendaya began starring as Rue, a 17-year-old drug addict, and the series’ narrator, in the HBO drama series Euphoria, an adaptation of the Israeli series of the same name.

Zendaya’s portrayal of Rue, a drug addict in the series, has received widespread acclaim and praise from the media. She was even awarded many Emmys and a Golden Globe for her work.

Since the final episode of season 2 aired, fans have waited with bated breath for the next installment. However, as reported by Vogue, the third season of Euphoria will take longer to premiere than originally anticipated due to a delay in production.

Zendaya will not leave the program. Have no fear. One of the series’ stars, Maude Apatow, claimed that she was cast in an Off-Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors, which explains the delay in filming.

Now, it appears like it will begin in the latter half of 2023 when it was intended to begin this month.

Yet, additional causes may also account for the delay. And one of the primary reasons may be Zendaya’s commitments to other projects. According to rumors, season 3 of Euphoria could not begin filming last year since she had to do Dune Part 2.

She then had obligations for her upcoming film Challengers, which has entered post-production. Other actors, such as Maude Apatow, Sydney Sweeney, and Jacob Elordi, also had a career boost, which influenced the creators of Euphoria to put everyone under one roof.

In addition, the producers of Euphoria are under considerable pressure to meet the audience’s wants and expectations.

It appears that filming for the third season of Euphoria will conclude and a premiere date will be set by the end of 2024. What are your thoughts on the subject? Are you thrilled to see Zendaya reprise her role as Rue? Tell us more!

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