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4 Best Games to Play on a FireStick


Did you know that FireStick enables users to enjoy playing games on it while providing exceptional streaming facilities? One benefit for FireStick owners is that most Android games run smoothly on the device.

Like any other third-party application, you can side-load your preferred game on your FireStick if it isn’t offered through the Amazon App Store. A good portion of these games is available on the Amazon App Store.

This article is for you if you’re a die-hard gamer always hunting for innovative and contemporary games.
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All games listed here are sufficient to provide you with endless hours of casual entertainment.

Some of the best FireStick games are listed below. Most of them are free, whereas others need to be purchased.

Sonic The Hedgehog

To play Sonic the Hedgehog on your FireStick, you must purchase it first. This game is fun enough to evoke memories for individuals who enjoy playing older classic games thanks to its aesthetics and gameplay.

The only compatible consoles with this game are Bluetooth game consoles. A FireStick controller is not supported.

This implies that in order to play this game, a Bluetooth controller must be connected to your device. You can visit helpful websites like FireStickTricks for more information.

Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 primarily depicts a conflict between the Red Ball and the wicked minions whereby the Red Ball strives to defend the world from the minions’ invasion.

It is a no-cost game that can be downloaded from the Amazon App Store and played on FireStick, Fire TV, as well as other comparable systems.
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A FireStick controller and a game console can be used to play the game.

The game contains 75 challenging rounds and becomes more intriguing as it goes along. The game is now offered in two versions: a starter edition and a paid version.


Another well-known FireStick game with a 4-star ranking is Tetris. Despite being released years ago, puzzle game fans continue to play it enthusiastically worldwide. The Amazon App Store offers a free preview version.

With the trial version, you can enjoy the game for up to 10 rows, after which you must purchase the paid version to continue. With the premium edition, all three game modes will be accessible.

This game is easy to comprehend and play and can be used with the FireStick controller.
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However, for a smoother gameplay experience, it can be connected to a game console.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

While we’re discussing games, what makes it reasonable to skip racing games? The racing game Asphalt 8 is free and has all the elements you can ever want.

All you need to do is select a vehicle for yourself, give it your desired customizations, and embark on an action-packed racing experience. The in-game buys assist in unlocking even more fascinating features to enrich your experience. Although the FireStick controller functions well, it is advised that a gaming console be used for smoother and easier handling.

Wrap Up

The FireStick allows you to play a multitude of different games in addition to streaming. You can search for more possibilities and experiment with your heart’s content.

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