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John Wick 4 Ending Explained: The Shocking Truth Finally Revealed!


It was one thing for him to kill his puppy. But now they are also killing John Wick? In “John Wick: Chapter 4,” which is now in theatres, Keanu Reeves’s hard-luck ex-hitman saves his best move for last and finally escapes from the shadowy High Table with the help of a new friend.

But our antihero has to pay a price: the last time we hear about him is on a tombstone. But has he really been buried for six feet? Here’s what that seemingly fatal ending and that interesting scene after the credits tell us about where the “Wick” -verse might go next.

In this article, we will discuss John Wick 4 Ending Explained. Scroll down and read the full article to get all details.

John Wick 4 Ending Explained!

The Marquis (Bill Skarsgrd), a powerful representative of the High Table based in Paris, is in charge of killing John Wick, whose actions have kicked him out of the global criminal organization.

Wick challenges the Marquis to a duel to the death at the Trocadero. If he wins, he will be free. The Marquis asks his second, Wick’s blind but dangerous friend Caine, to do his dirty work. Wick and Caine take turns shooting each other until Caine’s last shot in Wick’s gut knocks him out.

John Wick 4 Ending Explained

The Marquis steps in to shoot Wick one last time, but Wick didn’t fire his gun for that last round. High Table rules give Wick one last shot, which he uses to shoot the Marquis in the head. Caine and Winston try to help Wick, but the last time they see him, he is slumped over and seems to be dead.

Post Credit Scene!

There is also a scene after the credits that could set up a sequel235. In this scene, Sofia (Halle Berry), who helped John in Chapter 3, goes to a secret place to meet Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne), who was stabbed by Zero (Mark Dacascos) in Chapter 3 but lives.

Bowery King tells Sofia that he has been building an underground army of rebels who are ready to overthrow the High Table. He asks Sofia if she is on his side or not. Sofia tells him that she’s with him, and then they raise a glass to their friendship.

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Is John Wick, Played by Keanu Reeves, Really Dead?

The movie doesn’t say for sure if John Wick is dead or not, so it’s up to the viewer to decide. In this situation, a person might say that there are signs that John Wick is still alive, like:

John Wick 4 Ending Explained

His dog stays by his side and licks his face, which could mean that he is still breathing.
Winston tells him he can go and gives him back his wedding ring, which could mean he wants him to live and move on with his life.

The scene after the credits that shows Sofia and Bowery King planning to take down the High Table could mean that they will need John Wick’s help in the future. But there are also signs that John Wick is dead or about to die, such as those given below.

His wound was very bad and he was bleeding a lot, which could make him lose consciousness or die from blood loss. His choice to die for Caine and his comment about holding on to life or death could mean that he has accepted his fate and is ready to die.

At the end of the movie, a shot of his face fades to black, which could be a sign that he has died. In the end, the movie leaves John Wick’s fate unclear on purpose so that viewers can decide what happened to him. Maybe the filmmakers will tell us more in a possible sequel, or maybe they’ll just keep it a secret forever.

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