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Love Jinx Chapter 69 Release Date, Spoilers and Where to Read!


Love Jinx Chapter 69 Release Date: The webcomic Love Jinx is written and illustrated by Geonhan. It is a BL drama about Lim Haegyung, who has a bizarre jinx that causes horrible things to occur every time he kisses someone, and Kang Woojin, who appears to be the source of the jinx.

The manga series Love Jinx has won the hearts of people all across the world. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of the next chapter due to its compelling plot and fascinating characters.

In this article, we will cover all you need to know about the release date of Love Jinx chapter 69, including narrative predictions and character updates.

Love Jinx Chapter 69 Release Date!

As of now, There is not any official news about Release Date. Whenever the Release date is announced by the official source, we will update this page.

Stay tuned with Crossover99.

Love Jinx Chapter 69 has not yet been released on one of the big manga sites that offers it for free online reading.

However, the website regularly updates the manga, so fans can anticipate a new chapter shortly. Users can also establish an account and add Love Jinx to their bookmarks to receive notifications regarding new chapters.

Love Jinx is a BL drama about Lim Haegyung, who suffers from a bizarre jinx that causes horrible things to occur every time he kisses someone, and Kang Woojin, who appears to be the source of the jinx.

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Love Jinx Chapter 68 Recap!

In Love Jinx Chapter 68, we get the continuation of the flashback that reveals Haegyung and Woojin’s former relationship. Haegyung begins the chapter by awakening in Woojin’s bed after spending the night with him.

He attempts to leave quietly, but Woojin catches him and drags him back. He asks him why he always tries to avoid him and tells him he enjoys his company.

The confession of Woojin shocks and baffles Haegyung. He cannot comprehend why Woojin adores him while he is surrounded by so many girls. Also, he feels bad for having cheated on his boyfriend with Woojin.

Love Jinx Chapter 69 Release Date

He informs Woojin that he cannot be with him because he has another partner. He requests that he let him go and forget him.

Woojin refuses to release Haegyung and claims he does not care for his partner or anybody else. He asserts that he just desires Haegyung and will not give up on him. He kisses him once more and tries to persuade him to remain with him.

Haegyung is caught between his attraction to Woojin and his devotion to his boyfriend. He is at a loss for what to do or say.

He wonders whether Woojin genuinely likes him or is only messing with him. He also questions if he is falling for Woojin or being influenced by him.

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Love Jinx Chapter 69 Spoilers!

As of now, there are not any spoilers for Love Jinx Chapter 69. But there are many fan base predictions which are given below:

  • The flashback of the prior relationship between Haegyung and Woojin will continue. We may observe how they manage their emotions and jinx, as well as what causes their separation.
  • We may also watch how Haegyung’s lover responds when he discovers his affair with Woojin. He might confront Haegyung or Woojin, or he may end his relationship with Haegyung.
  • We may also observe the effects of the jinx on Haegyung’s life when he leaves Woojin. He may encounter challenges or calamities as a result of his jinx, or he may attempt to break it.
  • We may also observe how Woojin reacts to Haegyung’s disappearance and how he attempts to find him again. He may attempt to go on with his life, hunt for him, or wait for him.

Where Can I Read Love Jinx Chapter 69 Online?

You can read Love Jinx Chapter 69 online on a variety of websites, including InfinityScans, which provides high-quality scans and rapid updates of numerous manhwa webtoons, including Love Jinx.

ManhuaScan is a website that offers free access to numerous notable manga and manhwa webtoons, such as Love Jinx. Mangakakalot is a website that contains a vast assortment of manga and manhwa webcomics, such as Love Jinx.

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