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Spencer Pratt Net Worth 2023: His Fortune Will Leave You Speechless!

Spencer Pratt Net Worth: He was born in Los Angeles on August 14, 1983. His sister Stephanie Pratt, who has been on “The Hills,” “Made in Chelsea,” “Celebrity Big Brother,” and “Celebs Go Dancing,” is a reality TV star herself.

In this article, we will discuss about Spencer Pratt’s Net Worth, his career, and much more. Scroll down and read the full article to get all details.

Spencer Pratt Net Worth 2023!

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Spencer Pratt is an American reality star with a $300,000 net worth. He is best known for being the husband of Heidi Montag on “The Hills,” an MTV reality show.

Spencer and Heidi have said that at their wealthiest, they had $10 million between them. They spent all of the money in many different ways, which we’ll talk about later in this article.

How Did Spencer Pratt Start His Career?

Pratt made his television debut in 2005 on the ill-fated show The Princes of Malibu, for which he also served as executive producer. His involvement on The Hills on MTV resulted from his friendship with series star Brody Jenner, for whom Pratt played the roles of manager, publicist, agent, and stylist.

“Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” was the source material for the program. The program followed the lives of Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge, and other pals.

Montag’s connection with Lauren Conrad was shattered in 2007 when Pratt and Montag began dating and ultimately shared an apartment.

Conrad broke off her friendship with Heidi in season 3 when she thought Pratt was behind the reports of a sex tape involving Lauren and her ex Jason Wahler. The rivalry between the three persisted in each succeeding season.

Pratt contributed a line to Montag’s tune “Body Language” from her debut album in 2007 and later directed the music video for her hit “Higher,” which helped launch her blossoming musical career.

In April 2009, Pratt and his wife Heidi Montag, whom he had married the previous month, joined the cast of the reality series I’m A Celebrity. Pratt was baptized by Stephen Baldwin on the show.

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The couple left the show after four days, claiming that NBC had “subjected them to torture.” They quickly changed their minds and returned to the show, but they soon had to leave because Montag was admitted to the hospital with a stomach ulcer.

The couple made an appearance as themselves in a “How I Met Your Mother” episode in 2009. At the halfway point of the sixth and last season of “The Hills” in 2010, Pratt and Montag made their final appearance. spencer pratt net worth

On Yahoo’s fan-voted poll, Pratt’s part in the show earned him the title of “Greatest Reality TV Villain.” Tyson Apostol, the “Survivor” champion, and Pratt met while attending “Marriage Boot Camp,” and the two then co-hosted “The Spyson Hour,” a weekly podcast that reviewed the program.

The podcast continued, however, Pratt ended his run in October 2015. In 2013 and 2017, Spencer and Heidi Pratt also participated in the Celebrity Big Brother competition on the British version of the show.

They famously got into a fight with singer and TV personality Rylan Clark while they were competing on “Celebrity Big Brother” for the first time. They came in second place behind Clark, who won.

“Speidi: Scandals, Secrets & Surgery” was broadcast on Channel 5 in February 2013. a one-time special examining the rise to fame of Montag and Pratt. Also featured was the duo in the E! Special “After Shock: Heidi & Spencer.

As a part of the relaunched series “The Hills: New Beginnings,” Heidi and Spencer made a comeback to MTV in 2019.

Take a Look at Spencer Pratt’s Personal Life!

The pair wed in a ceremony in 2009 after eloping in 2008. Montag filed for divorce from Pratt in July 2009, citing irreconcilable differences. They called it off two months later and admitted to staging the event to help Montag’s faltering career.

In Carpinteria, California, in November 2009, they exchanged new vows. Pratt and Montag both made public statements in July 2009 stating their conviction that the September 11th attacks were an inside job.

To inform the public about the New World Order, Pratt claimed he would exploit his celebrity status. By sharing stories about his family, daily life, and love of hummingbirds, Pratt has amassed a following on Snapchat. spencer pratt net worth

At the 10th Annual Shorty Awards in January 2018, he was nominated for and ultimately awarded Snapchatter of the Year. At the University of Southern California, which he had left ten years earlier to pursue a television career, Pratt finished his undergraduate degree in political science in 2013.

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The Hills

As a spin-off of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, MTV created the reality television program The Hills in 2006. It initially followed the lives of Lauren Conrad, who appeared in its predecessor, Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, and Whitney Port, as well as their friends.

Since Pratt started dating Montag in 2007 and later moved in together, her friendship with Conrad has been worse.

After Conrad suspected Pratt was behind allegations of a sex tape involving her and her ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler during the third season, she broke off her friendship with Montag; the resulting conflict between the three persisted through each succeeding season.


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Conrad made friends with Jenner and Frankie Delgado before breaking up with each of them. Montag started recording her first studio album and entered the music industry in August.

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The song “Body Language,” which included a rap verse by Pratt, was leaked online later that month. Later, he was the director of Montag’s first promotional single, “Higher.”

Heidi and Spencer Blown Fortune

After blowing through what had once been a $10 million inheritance, Heidi and Spencer admitted in December 2013 that they were practically penniless. Heidi and Spencer stated that at the time, “we imagined we were Jay-Z and Beyonce, or the new Beckhams,” in an interview with InTouch Weekly.

Heidi admitted to spending an estimated $1 million on expensive clothing and handbags. The $20,000 Birkin handbags were Montag’s particular obsession. Additionally, she reportedly spent $100,000 a month on her hair and makeup.

Heidi underwent a marathon of 10 plastic surgery surgeries in one day, costing her $200,000 in total. Because, in his own words, “I wanted to be viewed seriously as an A-lister,” Spencer also reportedly spent $1 million on clothing. spencer pratt net worth

Alongside Brad Pitt, I desired to appear in fashion magazines. Spencer had a crystal obsession as their celebrity started to dwindle for some unknown reason. He invested $500,000 in a variety of crystals that he said would emit good energy.

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Last but not least, they invested $2.5 million in Heidi’s musical career, which resulted in the creation of one record and the sale of 6,000 copies.

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