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The Ultimate Showdown is Coming: Sand Castle Chapter 45 Release Date Announced!


Sand Castle Chapter 45 Release Date: Moscow Mule and Yul are the authors of the manhwa (Korean manga) titled Sand Castle. It’s a shounen-ai and college life drama about two boys who have a secret in common and end up in a tumultuous relationship.

If you’ve been following the Sand Castle manga series, you’re definitely getting antsy for the next chapter, which is going to be released soon.

The most recent episode in the series promises to deliver even more action, drama, and unexpected turns in the story, all of which will keep the fans on the edge of their seats.

In this article, we will examine everything that we know regarding the release date of Sand Castle Chapter 45, including some potential spoilers, and we will also explore some of the information that we have.

Sand Castle Chapter 45 Release Date

On April 7th, 2023, the next episode of the Sand Castle Manhwa will be published. On MangaBuddy, the manhwa is updated on a weekly basis, so you can anticipate a new chapter to be posted every Monday.

Yet, the publication date could shift based on the author’s schedule and the time they have available. You can also visit the official websites of Moscow Mule and Yul for additional information and updates on their services.

In an empty lecture hall, Eunsung sees his crush Jiwoo. They are closed because they both know the same secret, but Jiwoo only wants to use Eunsung to get what he wants.

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Sand Castle Chapter 45 Release Date

As Eunsung gets sick of Jiwoo’s selfishness and has a change of heart, Jiwoo realizes how he feels about Eunsung and starts to treat him like he’s never done before.

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Will this relationship work now that the two boys have switched places?

In chapter 44, Eunsung and Jiwoo get into a heated argument after Eunsung finds out that Jiwoo lied to him about where he was.

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Jiwoo says that he loves Eunsung and wants to be with him, but Eunsung says that Jiwoo is selfish and wants to use him. Eunsung decides to break up with Jiwoo and walks away, leaving Jiwoo sad.

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Here are some possible spoilers for Sand Castle Manhwa chapter 45, based on what happened in earlier chapters and what the author has said. Read at your own risk, please.

Eunsung will try to get over Jiwoo and concentrate on his schoolwork and friends. Jiwoo will feel bad about what he did and try to get Eunsung’s trust and love back. Eunsung will meet a new person who will like him, which will make Jiwoo angry.

Jiwoo’s family and ex-girlfriend will try to get in the way of his relationship with Eunsung, which will be hard for him. Eunsung and Jiwoo will get along again and put their differences behind them.

On MangaBuddy or Mangapuma, you can read Sand Castle Manhwa chapter 45 online. These manga sites are free and offer high-quality updates and translations of manga, manhwa, and manhua.

You can also read it on Topmanhua. You can also help the author by buying the official volumes of Sand Castle Manhwa when they come out.

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