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Beef Season 1 Ending Explained: Let’s Solve The Unresolved Questions and Mysteries of Season 1!


Beef Season 1 Ending Explained: Beef is a dark comedy show that stars Steven Yeun and Ali Wong. It was made by Lee Sung-jin. The show is about two random people who get into a fight on the road and become obsessed with each other. In a strange and funny way, the series looks at anger, trauma, and getting even.

The last episode of the season, called “The Final Cut,” aired on April 6, 2023, and ended on a shocking cliffhanger. In this article, we’ll talk about what happened in the last episode and what it means for the characters and the show’s future.

Beef Season 1 Ending Explained!

You could be forgiven for thinking that the only way Beef could end was with Amy and Danny’s hands around each other’s necks and them choking to death. You would be wrong, though. At first, they aren’t really trying to kill each other, but they are pushing each other to fight back in a way that could kill them.

Beef Season 1 Ending Explained

For example, Amy holds Danny hostage with a gun after she and Danny drove each other off the road and got stuck in the middle of nowhere. She wants Danny to turn himself into the police and take the blame for what happened in the penultimate episode and in the episodes before it.

But when crows attack Amy, Danny takes the chance to push her down a rocky hill, which hurts her ankle badly and makes her drop the gun. The only good thing is that, at least for now, they are no longer together, like two bad kids who need a time-out.

Even though they are hurt and have no shelter, food, or water, they make it through the night. However, their situation only made them angry when they run into each other again. In this time of trouble, the only person they can lean on is each other.

Amy says she knows how to get out, but she can’t walk. Danny, on the other hand, can walk, but he has no idea how to get back. Even though that is bad enough, they don’t have cell phone service, so they are pretty much stuck with each other.

It’s a great way to build trust as he rides her back through the wilderness while she leads them to safety. But, as usual, their peace only lasts five minutes. When Danny makes fun of Amy while he eats the last Skittles, a fight breaks out over food. She gets mad and pulls a piece of his hair, so he drops her on the ground.

There, she finds the gun, and a fight starts over it. Amy, being as determined as she is, gets Danny into an armlock and then breaks his arm. Even though she won, she was very short-sighted because Danny’s broken arm meant he could no longer carry her.

She instead points the gun at him and tells him to look for food. When Amy and Danny eat what they think are elderberries, they get violently sick and then trip out. This is where things get really interesting.

In their psychedelic haze, the two enemies start to talk about what really brought them to this terrible place together. They get very deep and philosophical, asking questions like, “What are chemicals?” and “Why can’t Asians all drink milk?

More seriously, their accidental, highly dangerous drunkenness has given them the chance, to be honest with themselves and each other about their own inner traumas.

Beef Season 1 Ending Explained

Danny says, “I mess everything up,” and then he talks about having suicidal thoughts about the hibachi grills he tried to return. It was because of these grills that he was in the parking lot where he met Amy for the first time.

“They wouldn’t let me give them back. It was like everyone wanted me to leave.” She says, “Maybe that’s why we’re sick,” which is a way of admitting that she feels the same way.

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Danny keeps opening up as he thinks about his relationship with his parents, his upbringing, and his brother Paul (Young Mazino) and how he has deeply failed him in many ways.

Amy says about Paul, “I think he just wanted to be seen.” “Right? We all do.” When Danny agrees, Amy feels safe enough to tell him that she doesn’t want anyone to find out who she really is.

It’s a strangely healing conversation because they start to understand each other and talk about how hard it is for them to find happiness. The universe, on the other hand, seems to want them to get better at being empathic. It wants them to share their stories so they can really understand each other’s problems.

With the help of the druggy berries, they start to connect mentally, which means they start to think like each other.


The first season of Beef is a dark comedy that has gotten good reviews from both critics and viewers. The series has 10 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and all of them are positive with 99% ratings. People also like the acting, writing, and way the show is put together. Based on what 2,743 people have said about Season 1 of Beef, it has an IMDb rating of 8.2/10.

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