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Asher Angel Net Worth 2023: Get Ready to Be Blown Away!


Asher Angel Net Worth: He is now a well-known actor, got his start as a young actor in the movie Jolene, where he acted with Jessica Chastain.  Angel later played the role of Jonah Beck on the Disney Channel show Andi Mack. The actor recently got a big part as Billy Batson in the DC Universe movie Shazam!

Even though the young star hasn’t said much about his next project yet, fans know it’s a movie because he said in an interview that he’ll start working on it right after their press tour. He also teased that everything is still a secret, so he can’t talk about it just yet. Let’s find out how much money Asher Angel has.

Who is Asher Angel? 

Angel is an actor from the United States. Angel was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and grew up in Paradise Valley, Arizona. His parents are Jody and Coco Angel, and he is the oldest of three children, with a brother and a sister. He’s a Jew. He plays the guitar and sings.

In the 2008 movie Jolene, which starred Jessica Chastain, he made his acting debut as a child. He is known for playing Jonah Beck on the Disney Channel show Andi Mack in 2017.

Angel played Billy Batson in the DC Extended Universe movies Shazam! in 2019 and Shazam! 2 in 2023. The anger of the gods.

Asher Angel Net Worth

Asher Angel’s first role was in the movie “Jolene,” which came out in 2008. He was only 5 years old at the time. Desert Stages Theatre held tryouts for the musical Oliver! in 2010.

Angel’s parents let him take part in the play, and he won a part in it. He has been in several plays at the Desert Stages Theatre, including “The Little Mermaid,” “Seussical,” “Mary Poppins,” and “Into the Woods.”

Asher’s career took a big step forward in 2017 when he played Jonah Beck on the TV show “Andi Mack” on the Disney Channel. For the movie Andi Mack, Asher got a lot of praise and won the Young Entertainer Award for Best Young Ensemble in a TV Series.

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How Much is Asher Angel Net Worth in 2023?

According to Biooverview, Asher Angel’s Net Worth in 2023 is $1 Million. He is one of the best young performers in the United States, having appeared in several television programs and films.

The monthly salary of Asher Angel exceeds $ 20,000. Asher, who is in the beginning of his career, will likely be among Hollywood’s top actors the following year.

His primary source of income is television shows, films, and television series, from which he earns a substantial sum.


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As a result of his dedication, Asher Angel makes almost $250,000 annually. In addition to acting, his source of income is several brand promotions and sponsorships.

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Asher Angel House!

Asher Angel is one of the most well-known young actors in the United States, and he is known for his penchant for leading an extravagant way of life.

Asher Angel Net Worth

He lives in a stunning residence that can be found in a prestigious neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States. Asher and his entire family make their home in this magnificent mansion.


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