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I Love That for You Season 2 Release Date: Here is What We Know!


I Love That for You Season 2 Release Date: The main character of the Showtime film starring Vanessa Bayer is a woman who battled leukemia as a youngster and went on to become a popular host of a home-shopping channel.

The comedy series, which is based on Bayer’s real life, debuted in April 2022 on Showtime and is currently accessible on Paramount Plus in the UK. It has a number of SNL alumni and prominent comedic figures.
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But when will the second season of I Love That For You be released? Will the TV show return? We know the ins and outs of the information that is currently available.

I Love That for You Season 2 Release Date!

I Love That For You season 2 has not yet been revealed as of Spring 2023, however, a second season is supposedly in the works.

A season 2 is ready to go if Paramount wants it, according to Matt Rogers, who plays an assistant character on the show, who told TV, I said with Ashley Ray, “I know that they have written it.”

He added, “They are starting to make some decisions because they just renewed Yellowjackets for a third season early. I simply don’t know whether or not it’s being greenlit yet. They are discussing how to create show franchises, among other things.
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I’m not sure where we stand at all.

Vanessa Bayer and the major cast members from season 1 are rumored to return for season 2, albeit there is no official cast list.
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I Love That for You Season 2 Release Date

Our list of potential season 2 cast members includes Molly Shannon, a star of Saturday Night Live.

Cast rumors for I Love That For You season 2:

  • Jackie Stilton, played by Molly Shannon
  • Jordan Wahl play by Paul James.
  • Beth Ann McGann played by Ayden Mayeri
  • The Darcy Leeds of Matt Rogers.

The I Love That For You season 2’s official plot has not yet been revealed. But, season 2 would probably focus on Joanna’s new position at HSN and the consequences of her lying.

When Joanna is forced to disclose the truth about the lies she has told her friends and coworkers, the first season concludes with welcome brevity.

A job opportunity is also made for her as a way out. Season 2 would probably focus on the effects of her falsehoods coming to light and the harm is done to her relationships.

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Bayer stated to IndieWire of the conclusion, “We didn’t want Joanna to be maintaining this lie forever. We eventually wanted to have her come clean, in some way, because we wanted to make a program that could carry on without this falsehood.

Although we may not have known exactly how to fit the HSN-related content in there, it was always interesting to consider.

We currently know nothing further about I Love That For You season 2. The future of the series is unknown.

Although the number of viewers wasn’t particularly high, shows occasionally get another chance if they have a good cast and the chance to win awards in the future.

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