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Boruto Chapter 80 Spoilers – Unexpected Twists and Turns that Will Leave You Breathless!


One of the biggest plot twists in Boruto was revealed in the most recent episode, which shook fans to their core. At the end of Chapter 79, Boruto and Kawaki’s lives switch places. This makes Boruto a rogue shinobi, which is a bad guy in the manga.

Fans can’t wait for Boruto Chapter 80 to come out because they want to know what happens next. We’ll talk about everything we know about Boruto chapter 80 so far in this piece.

We will tell our readers when chapter 80 will come out, give them the latest details, and go over what happened in the last chapter. So read until the end to find out more! Fans had been waiting for a long time for something big to go wrong in Boruto’s life. Momoshiki had already said early on in the series that Boruto’s life would be hard and full of pain.

Even so, no one expected the book to take such a big turn that left everyone confused and worried about how the series would continue. Now, Kawaki is really Naruto’s son, and Boruto is the family’s adopted son.

When Naruto first took Kawaki in, it was because he felt sorry for how sad and hurt Kawaki was. Everything we thought we knew and understood has been completely turned on its head.

Boruto Chapter 79 Recap

boruto chapter 80 spoilers

In Boruto chapter 79, Eida notices that Kawaki’s chakra signal has gone away, and she takes advantage of this. Eida goes after Kawaki with her strong Seringan and offers to join forces with him because he can get a lot out of it. On the other hand, Amado really wants to meet Kawaki because he has a system placed in him that will start when they meet and can help stop Kawaki.

Amado tries to convince Shikamaru to help him, but he doesn’t have good motives himself. Amado’s condition is that once Kawaki is taken care of, he should be free to leave so that he can bring his daughter back to life, as Ishiki had promised earlier. After eating the all-powerful fruit, Ishiki would be able to use Shinjutsu, which would let him grant Amado’s desperate wish.

In the next part of the manga, Kawaki talks about how much he wants to protect Konoha and Naruto. It’s a very moving scene. Kawaki’s love for Naruto is clear since Naruto took him in as a family member and gave him the love and care he had been missing so much. Not only that, but Naruto also gave Kawaki a purpose in life and cared for and loved him.

Then, Eida shows that she has a new power called Shinjutsu. Momoshiki had said before that a human-like Eida couldn’t have Shinjutsu because a weak body wouldn’t be able to hold it. Then Eida changes everything about the past.

She switches the lives of Kawaki and Boruto. Kawaki’s name has changed to Uzumaki Kawaki, and Boruto is the main bad guy in the series. Everything we knew up to that point was changed in an instant by Eida.

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Boruto Chapter 80 Spoilers

boruto chapter 80 spoilers

Early spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 80 have been posted online. Abdul_Zol2 revealed the following plot points for the new chapter, which is called “If It’s my dad…” in Japan.

Boruto is still on the run from Kawaki and the rest of Team 10. Shikamaru asks Eida if she can prove that it was Boruto who killed Naruto. Kawaki grabs Eida and says something scary, and Eida confirms it. Shikamaru then tells everyone that Boruto killed Naruto and is now on the run.

When Sarada hears the news, she starts to cry, and Mitsuki goes right away to try to follow Boruto. Eida asks Kawaki if all of this is necessary, and Kawaki says that he needs to keep Naruto locked up until he can kill Boruto. As he says this, however, Daemon walks in.

Sasuke finds Sarada crying and she tells him that Mitsuri is about to kill Boruto. Sasuke says that’s a normal reaction, but then Sumire calls Sarada and tells her that Mitsuri is about to kill Boruto. It looks like Eida’s attempts to change their memories haven’t had any effect on them. Then Boruto must fight Team 10!

Sumire tells Sarada that this is all Eida’s fault and explains how memory manipulation works. Sarada starts to cry again, but Sumire tells her that it’s now up to them and only them to stop Boruto from being killed.

boruto chapter 80 spoilers

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Sarada tries very hard to talk sense into Sasuke, but he is still under the spell, so he won’t listen. He tells Sarada to go home and stay out of this. Sarada says she will have to do her “first and last act of selfishness” and pulls out her Mangekyo Sharingan, yelling at Sasuke, “Papa, please help Boruto!”

Sasuke rushes in and grabs Boruto. He tells him about how they met, trained, and defeated Momoshiki together. Eida gets scared and runs after them. Sasuke then says that he doesn’t trust his own memories anymore, but he does trust his daughter and would do anything to help Boruto if that is what she really wants.

Momoshiki tells Boruto to give up now, but he admits that he is impressed by his determination. Just then, Eida comes up to them and apologizes, but Boruto says that he has inherited the “will of the fire” from his father, mother, and grandfather.

You can read Boruto on the website for Viz Media. The manga is also on the main website and app for Manga Plus.

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