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Is Evil Dead Based on a True Story?


With the coming release of Evil Dead Rise, the next movie in the popular horror movie series is almost here. Evil Dead was first made by Sam Raimi, but it has been changed and remade in crazy ways over the years, and this new movie is no different.

Of course, the horror genre is not afraid to use movies that are based on real events. In fact, some of the best scary movies ever made are based on true stories. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that every time a new killer or ghost movie comes out, people wonder about the real-life events that inspired them.

Is Evil Dead Based on a True Story? So, that’s what we’ve been trying to figure out. We’ve looked into the history and legends of the famous series to try to figure out where the line is between what’s real and what’s made up in these scary stories.

Is Evil Dead Based on a True Story?

No, neither the Evil Dead series nor the new movie is based on events that really happened. It’s not surprising that a series with zombie skeletons and chainsaw arms might not be based on truth.

In fact, the original 1980s movie was based on Sam Raimi’s short horror film Within the Woods, which was made as a proof-of-concept. The Evil Dead, which came out in 1981, was made because of this.

Still, there are some connections between the things in the franchise’s story and their real-life versions. People often say that the truth is sometimes stranger than fantasy.

If the Evil Dead Rise video caught your eye, you may have already read our answer to the most obvious question: What is the book in the Evil Dead Rise trailer? This is the famous Necronomicon, of course.

Is Evil Dead Based on a True Story

The book, which is also called “The Book of the Dead,” shows up from time to time in the Evil Dead movies. It is usually used to call up evil souls that cause trouble for the characters.

But the Necronomicon isn’t really just a made-up story. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Book of the Dead,” it’s likely because it comes from Ancient Egyptian society.

The “book” was actually a loose collection of texts or spells that were used to help a recently dead person make their way to the future. The texts were written by many priests over thousands of years, and they were generally put in the coffin of someone who had just died.

Since there isn’t just one form of The Book of the Dead, the idea behind it is more fluid and different than what we’re used to seeing in the Evil Dead movies.

It’s not strange that the beginning of The Book of the Dead is similar to how it was used in the classic horror movie. The ancient version of the texts was used to help the dead move on to the afterlife.

The modern, made-up version, on the other hand, is used to call on demons that take over human lives and kill them in horrible ways. It’s a choice between religious history and twisted fantasy. Both use the idea of a sacred book but for very different reasons.

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