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Ranking Every Oshi No Ko Manga by Aka Akasaka – Exploring the Brilliance!


The people who make manga are very important to anime. They spend a lot of time and effort making interesting stories and artwork that appeal to people all over the world and are used as inspiration for much well-liked anime. Aka Akasaka has the storytelling skills and knowledge of manga culture and form that are needed to make a manga.

In addition to all of these things, Aka Akasaka has a new way of telling stories. He does a great job of balancing comedy and drama by giving his characters funny lines to say and clever ways to grow.

The huge success of Aka Akasaka’s manga Kaguya-sama: Love is War is well-deserved. It has won him many awards, been made into an anime, and even inspired a show in October 2020. But Aka Akasaka’s incredible ability doesn’t stop there; it shows up in all of his work. So, here are all of the comics that Aka Akasaka has made.

5. Gensaku Hinatazaka

Ranking Every Oshi No Ko Manga by Aka Akasaka - Exploring the Brilliance!

Gensaku Hinatazaka is a manga story that ran in the Weekly Young Jump from March to April 2021. The art for the series was done by Aka Akasaka, and the writing was done by Nao Kosaka, Hinano Kamimura, and Miho Watanabe, all of whom are in the Japanese girl group Hinatazaka46.

This group effort led to an interesting anthology with only three chapters, each of which was written by a different person in the group. The stories in Gensaku Hinatazaka are full of tropes, and the author is well aware of them. He uses and calls attention to tropes like Isekai, Phantom Thief, and Zombie Apocalypse without any shame. The first two stories are funny and light-hearted.

In contrast, the third story is about the angry hero Miho, who can use her blood as a weapon and has to face a Zombie Apocalypse in her city of Saitama. The Gensaku Hinatazaka miniseries shows off Aka Akasaka and the Hinatazaka46 members’ creative skills, making it an exciting and entertaining read.

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4. Sayonara Piano Sonata

Ranking Every Oshi No Ko Manga by Aka Akasaka - Exploring the Brilliance!

Sayonara Piano Sonata is about the world of music. It follows two young people, Hikawa Naomi, and Ebisawa Mafuyu, as they try to find their way into it. They make up a rock band that combines the smoothness of classical music with the energy of rock music.

Even though the story starts out in a predictable way, the strong focus on music as a central theme is enough to hook any reader. The characters in the story are well-made and have interesting qualities that make them fun to follow. The story shows how important relationships and working as a team are.

Sugii Hikaru wrote the story, and Aka Akasaka did the pictures. Even though the art style could be better, Aka Akasaka was able to show how the characters felt through their faces and body language. The story is good because of how it moves and how it handles feelings. Sayonara Piano Sonata is a great book for people who want to read a funny and interesting story, especially those who like stories about music.

3. IB: Instant Bullet

Ranking Every Oshi No Ko Manga by Aka Akasaka - Exploring the Brilliance!

The story and art for IB: Instant Bullet were both made by Aka Akasaka. The manga tells the story of Kuro Fukase, whose miserable life changes when he meets Sera Himeura, a strange but bubbly girl, and Yume Furusuna, a witch who tells him some interesting things about himself.

Before this, Kuro’s only friends in his cold world were the ghosts of his dead sisters. His negative view of the world made him even more sure that everyone was out to get him.

So when Yume Furusuna says that he and twenty other people are Instant Bullets who can end the world, Kuro is motivated to see the world end. ib: Instant Bullet is a seinen story full of drama and magic that will both surprise and please readers. This unique story is told by Aka Akasaka in five volumes and twenty-seven parts that come out over the course of two years.

2. Oshi No Ko

Ranking Every Oshi No Ko Manga by Aka Akasaka - Exploring the Brilliance!

In this popular comic, Gorou Amemiya deals with a turn of events that he didn’t expect. He is a doctor by day, but in his spare time, he is a huge fan of Ai Hoshino, an idol whose skill and beauty captivate him.

Ai Hoshino shows up at Gorou’s hospital pregnant out of the blue. Gorou is shocked, but he says he will take care of her. What happens next really surprises Gorou. He meets a strange person, and then he dies.

But that’s not the end of the surprise. Gorou wakes up as a baby, but not just any baby. He is now Aquamarine Hoshino, the son of his hero, Ai Hoshino, and his journey in the world of show business begins.

The idea of Oshi No Ko is very interesting, making use of the supernatural in a dramatic way. Aka Akasaka writes a story that will surprise and please any reader. It is about rebirth and shows business. Manga was written by Aka Akasaka, but it was drawn by Yokoyari Mengo and put out in Young Jump.

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1. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Ranking Every Oshi No Ko Manga by Aka Akasaka - Exploring the Brilliance!

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is Aka Akasaka’s best-known work. It shows the complicated side of the famous subject of love. This exciting story is led by Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya.

Both of them have a lot of power at their prestigious school, Shuchiin Academy, but they are terrible at love. As heads of the school’s student council, they both start to like each other more and more.

But they make a game out of their feelings by coming up with different ways to get the other person to tell them first. Miyuki and Kaguya don’t just like each other; for them, love is a fight to be won. This love comedy is written by Aka Akasaka and published by Young Jump over seven years in twenty-eight books.

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