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Second Life Ranker Chapter 154 Release Date: When Can We Expact the New Chapter?


As things get crazy, Second Life Ranker Chapter 154 will show the fight between the one-horned demon clan and the dragon clan. Even though the last few chapters have been about building up the conflict between the two, it goes without saying that this is just one part of a bigger conflict. But there’s a catch: it won’t be sent until our MC arrives.

Things have been a little out of hand, but let’s focus on the main plot, which has been centered on MC. Yeen-Woo isn’t reborn, sent to another world, or sent back in time like most of the main characters in Manhwa books. He is just a guy in a strange world, but he is not there to live a normal life. Instead, he wants to get payback.

He had a twin brother who was five years older than him and five years younger than him. Even though he didn’t come back from the trip, his brother’s diary got to him and told him about it. In that, he talks about climbing a tower to find something and being tricked while he was doing it.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 154 Quick Info!

Second Life Ranker 
Author Nong Nong
Illustrator Sa Doyeon
Chapter 154
Release Date April 27, 2023
Where to Watch Kakao


Second Life Ranker Chapter 154 Release Date

All of the fans are wondering when the upcoming Second Life Ranker Chapter 154 will be released, as well as whether or not they will be able to read Chapter 153.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 154 Release Date

The following chapters of Second Life Ranker are scheduled to be released on April 27, 2023. Chapter 154 is anticipated to be the next chapter.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 153 Recap: What Happen Previously?

Yeen-Woo wasn’t shown in any of the last episodes of Second Life Ranker Chapter 153. He was mentioned quickly in the last chapter, but even then, his face wasn’t shown because the whole chapter was about the fight.

The battle between the one-horned clan and the dragon clan, who were fighting for dominance with their troops out and putting their lives on the line.

As the chapter began, one of the strongest members of the one-horned clan was presented. He was an old man who had come out to warn the people and send them away. The soldier was a little confused about what to do, but their ace in the hole gave them the courage to attack hard.

But that wasn’t a good idea because the one-horned monster army was not only good at martial arts but also knew how to do it. Even their King was in the fight, and in their country, he is ranked second. And even though they had a lot of people on their side, it wasn’t going to be easy to win.

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Second Life Ranker Chapter 154 Spoilers!

As each member of the dragon magic clan dies in Second Life Ranker Chapter 154, they will lose faith in their skills. The fight has done its job of setting things up so that our main character can show up. But Yeen-Woo or anyone else shouldn’t come yet because there are still things that could go wrong.

At this point in the tower, though, keeping the balance should also be the most important thing. This is a fight between two political groups, and if you only support one, you won’t get any closer to the truth. Yeen has to make sure that there is some kind of balance if he wants to play his cards.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 154 Release Date

That won’t be easy to do, though, because both sides have their own reasons and are too stubborn to just give up. So it will come down to deciding with whom it is best to side.

Where Can I Read the 154th Chapter of the Second Life Ranker?

On the official Kakao Page, Second Life Ranker Chapter 154 will soon be made accessible for reading. Please ensure that you check the website frequently over the next several hours, as the first few hours of the chapter will be made accessible for free reading.

After the allotted amount of time has elapsed, you will be forced to select one of the paid choices in order to continue reading the chapter in its entirety. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more latest updates.

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