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Your Eternal Lies Chapter 55 Release Date Is Finally Announced! Know Here!


Your Eternal Lies Chapter 55 Release Date:  The historical romance Manhwa Your Eternal Lies is coming back soon with chapter 55, and fans of the manhwa can’t wait to read it. Joshua was rude to a woman in the Reville family, so Ian punched him and told him to count himself lucky, because if Captain or Henry had caught him, Ian would have shot him in the jaw, not just in the hand.

Ian chose to drop the matter because they were getting too much attention. Rosen said that he was rash. Ian told her that it depended on who he was talking to since trying to talk sense into someone like Joshua was a waste of time.

Rosen asked him who he had slept with. Ian told her that he was just another student at the school. Rosen asked him if he seemed like a high-ranking person because she was worried about him after she hurt him.

Rosen asked her if the man had seen her before. Ian told her not to worry and that he would take care of everything on his own.

He also told her he couldn’t do anything because he wasn’t smart enough. Joshua was very upset with Ian, and he asked him what made him different from everyone else.

In this article, we will talk about Your Eternal Lies Chapter 55 Release Date, A recap of Your Eternal Lies Chapter 54, and much more. Scroll down and read the whole story if you want to know everything.

Your Eternal Lies Chapter 55 Release Date!

The publication of Your Eternal Lies Chapter 55 is expected to take place on Sunday, April 30, 2023, at 4:00 pm Korea Standard Time (KST).

Manta will soon have Your Eternal Lies Chapter 55 ready for reading. On the Kakao Page in South Korea, Chapter 55 of “Your Eternal Lies” will soon be accessible to readers. If you like this manhwa, you might also like Blue Lock Chapter 217.

Did you read Your Eternal Lies Chapter 54? Take a glimpse of Chapter 54 below:

Ian was reminded by Joshua that he fled his hometown, allowed it to burn, and then dared to lead the victory march while posing as a local hero.

Ian was instructed by Joshua to ignore him and flee the truth, that Joshua was just as flawed as Reville, and that it was only a matter of time before everyone realized it.

Your Eternal Lies Chapter 55 Release Date

Rosen questioned Ian if he was thinking about what Joshua said and suggested he just dismiss his remarks because he was like that and Ian had never protected a single item in his life.

Rosen informed him Joshua said that Rosen was unsure if it was even the proper thing to say because he was an expert at playing the victim and he made her think of Hindley.

She claimed that he fled away, so Ian inquired as to whether he was a deserter.

Rosen revealed that he was the general’s son and that he had fled to Dallas before coming back after the battle had ended. He was aboard the ship in an effort to join the Navy.

When Rosen confronted him, he called him a traitor and questioned why the military allowed him to get away with it rather than having him put to death.

Ian explained to her that this was so because he was a general’s son. Rosen enquired as to the nature of his annoyance and what Joshua had to say about Ian.

Rosen informed him that he was only jealous of him and said that he should have punched him harder when Ian said that it was because he wasn’t fully wrong. She wished Henry and Captain were present. They wouldn’t have been gentle with him.

As of the time of writing this article, Your Eternal Lies Chapter 55 spoilers are not out yet. in the future when spoilers will come out we will update the page. Till then stay tuned with Crossover99.

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