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What Happened To Gary On A Million Little Things? Did Gary Die After Being Diagnosed With Cancer?


Gary Mendez Jr played by Roday Rodriguez cancer returned in season 4 of A Million Little Things and fans have been eager to find out what happened to Gary after that in season 5. This article is everything you need to find out about Gary and what happened to him.

ABC: A Million Little Things

what happened to gary on a million little things

A Million Little Things is an ABC family drama that follows the lives of a group of friends in Boston Massachusetts after a member of their circle died by committing suicide. Gary was a breast cancer survivor that meet the love of his life Maggie Bloom who was also a breast cancer survivor.

The couple also welcomed their first child together in season 5. ABC however confirmed that A Million Little Things was ending in season 5. DJ Nash also reacted to the news revealing that his mother always loved watching the show every week and that he would miss the show.

He further stated that he was honored and happy about the success of the show while confirming that there would be multiple deaths and tragedies in the final episode.

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What Happened To Gary? Did Gary Die On A Million Little Things?

what happened to gary on a million little things

It is still not clear if Gary would die in season 5 but it is certainly not looking good for him. Gary had earlier survived breast cancer and revealed in the final episode of season 4 that he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Garry found out about his cancer after he had done a test on a lump on his breast.

However, the lump was still at the initial stage but Gary later discovered that he had a mass in his lungs. Gary however undergoes chemotherapy on his lungs without informing his friends or his wife.

Rodriguez was however asked in an interview if Gary would die and he revealed that he doesn’t know anything about that. He further revealed that the plot was one of the master plans of the creator DJ Nash.

what happened to gary on a million little things

A Million Little Things creator DJ Nash and producer Terrence Coli in an interview with TV Line revealed that it was necessary to bring back Gary’s cancer in other to keep viewers and fans speculating about the season and that the cancer also made it possible to have another season.

DJ Nash and Coli also revealed the reason for bringing up the cancer saga when Gary and Maggie were trying to have a child. He revealed that the happiest moment in life is when trials would come and how we overcome the trials determine our success. He also stated that the couple’s baby journey is also a way of not making the cancer look sad.

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Who Played Gary On A Million Little Things?

what happened to gary on a million little things

Gary was played by Roday Rodriguez who has been featured as Gary from season 1 of the show. He is best known for starring on USA Networks Psych for eight seasons from 2006 to 2014. Rodriguez also played Shawn Spencer and was the director of the 2017 movie series Psych and its sequel.

Roday Rodriguez has also starred in several other series and movies like The Dukes of Hazzard and First Year and Love Bites.

A Million Little Things Main Cast

•David Giuntoli as Eddie Saville

•Romany Malco as Rome Howard

Allison Miller as Maggie Bloom

•Christina Moses as Regina Howard

•Christina Ochoa as Ashley Morales

•Grace Park as Katherine Kim

•James Roday Rodriguez as Gary Mendez

•Stephanie Szostak as Delilah Dixon

•Tristan Byon as Theo Saville

•Lizzy Greene as Sophie Dixon

•Chance Hurstfield as Danny Dixon

•Floriana Lima as Darcy Cooper

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