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Drops of God Season 2 Release Date – Renewed or Cancelled?


When does Season 2 of Drops of God start? Apple TV+ has a huge number of TV shows, such as comedies, dramas, and documentaries about the biggest secrets in the world that are both entertaining and educational.

It just started to focus on a bigger range of series, like Netflix has been doing for a long time. Because of this, a lot of new games came out over the past year, including Slow Horses, Severance, Mythic Quest, and many others.

It has also just put out a brand-new mystery series called “Drops of God.” Tadashi Agi made the Japanese manga Drops of God, which is the base for the eight-part TV show of the same name.

The series was made by Legendary Television, Dynamic Television, France Televisions, Adliine Entertainment, and Hulu Japan, all of which also had a hand in making it. Apple TV+, on the other hand, was able to beat the tough competition and get the series to watch on its streaming service.

The series was made available to people all over the world in English, French, and Japanese, among other languages. Episodes of the series Drops of God are available on Apple TV+ starting in April 2023.

Also, since the first two episodes came out, the show has become very famous, making fans want to find out more about a possible second season.

So, if you like this new show and want to know what might happen in a possible second season, this piece is for you. As everything about the second season of “Drops of God” will be talked about here.

Drops of God Season 2 Release Date

Drops of God season 2 release date

Season 2 of Drops of God is expected to come back in 2024 if it gets renewed. On April 21, 2023, the first season of Drops of God came out on Apple TV+. The first two episodes of Drops of God Season 1 were released back-to-back on April 21, the day the season started.

The first season has eight episodes, each of which runs for an hour. The eighth and final episode will come out on June 2, 2023. Here’s what we know so far about what the second season might be like.

Apple TV+ hasn’t said what will happen with the show yet, but we should know by the summer of 2023 if it will be renewed or not.

But because the show is popular, Apple TV+ might think about letting the second season air, especially if enough people watched the first season and other important conditions were met. If it gets revived soon, ‘Drops of God’ season 2 could come out in 2024.

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What Is The Plotline of Drops of God?

Drops of God season 2 release date

The story of Drops of God is based on the same idea as the book it was made from. The only difference is that some of the characters have been changed.

In the world of high-end wine and fine food, where the story takes place, people are sad about the death of a famous French enologist named Alexandre Leger, who just died at his home in Tokyo. He leaves his daughter Camille a large wine collection and all of his money.

Camille hasn’t seen her father in more than ten years, since she moved to Paris. She doesn’t find out that the money isn’t hers until she participates in a wine-tasting contest with Issei, her father’s “spiritual son” and protege when she goes to Tokyo to read Leger’s will.

The only problem is that Camille doesn’t know anything about wine and has never tasted the healing drink that Camille’s father has worked his whole life to find and perfect.

Can the Show Drops of God Be Watched without Apple TV+?

Drops of God season 2 release date

No, Drops of God will only be available on Apple TV+’s streaming service. It is, after all, a unique series made by Apple TV+. You have to pay for a subscription to use the video service.

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You can try the service for free for 7 days. After that, it will cost you $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

If you already have an Apple TV subscription, own an Apple device, or plan to buy one soon, the streaming app will be free for the first three months.

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