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You Won’t Believe When Lockwood And Co. Season 2 Is Coming Out!


Here is Everything About Lockwood And Co. Season 2 Release Date. When it comes to fighting ghosts and other mysterious creatures, America has been lucky to have its own Ghostbusters. What about us, though? Even Brits have ghosts, you know!

Lockwood & Co, a new TV show based on Jonathan Stroud’s Young Adult book series, evens out the playing field on this side of the pond. With Joe Cornish, who wrote and directed Attack the Block, on board, the only “problem” we have is that eight shows just aren’t enough for season one.

So, grab some salt bombs and come hang out with us at Digital Spy as we break down everything you need to know about the second season of Lockwood & Co on Netflix.

Lockwood And Co. Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Be Come Out?

Most of the time, Netflix renews a show within one or two months of when it first airs. After that, it can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to make. If Lockwood & Co is lucky enough to get that sweet, sweet repeat news, then the second season will probably come out in the spring of 2024.

But Netflix has been on what can only be called a “cancellation spree” lately, so if the version wants to keep going, it will need to get a lot of viewers.

Joe Cornish, the creator of the show, recently revealed that season one covers the first two books in Stroud’s five-book series. He told Empire, “So there’s definitely a couple more seasons in the books.”

Lockwood And Co. Season 2 Release Date

Cornish says that if Netflix renews the show, the story will keep going in a way that will make fans happy.

The plots of the books are very well thought out,” he said. “As the books go on, Jonathan Stroud makes the world more real and thinks of smart ways to learn more about it. It does go somewhere, and there is an end to it. Yes, we would love to do more.”

What Can Be The Plotline Of Lockwood & Co Season 2?

The second book, The Whispering Skull, ends the same way as the first season of Lockwood & Co. So, Lockwood & Co season 2 might start with book three, The Hollow Boy. Also, as the season came to a close, the big mystery of season 1—what’s behind Lockwood’s secret door—was about to be answered.

Lockwood’s door to his house was left by his parents, who have since died. It also hides things about his past. At the end of season 1, he was finally ready to say what was behind the secret door. Lockwood has kept his past quiet up until now, but in season 2 of Lockwood & Co, he may finally be ready to talk about what happened to his family.

In The Hollow Boy, Lockwood’s sad past is revealed, and what’s behind the secret door is shown. Because of this, Lockwood & Co season 2 could go into depth about his past, showing why he is so selfless and why he loves ghost hunting so much.

The Hollow Boy also says that the secret room was his late sister Jessica’s room. She was killed by a ghost while going through the things her parents left behind after they died. Lockwood, who turned down help, has to live with the decisions he made and his regrets. It will open the door, both literally and figuratively, to his emotional past.

Lockwood And Co. Season 2 Release Date

But if there is a second season of Lockwood & Co, there will be new problems to solve. Lockwood, George, and Lucy will also need to learn how to use the Bone Mirror. It’s what Lucy thinks is keeping the ghosts of Dr. Edmund Bickerstaff’s victim hostage.

Who is in the Cast of Lockwood & Co Season 2?

Ben Crompton could play Julius Winkman again, but only if he gets out of jail after what happened at the end of season one. If Netflix keeps Lockwood & Co going for a second season, we can expect to see most of the following group members back:

Actor Character
Ruby Stokes Lucy Carlyle
Cameron Chapman Anthony Lockwood
Ali Hadji-Heshmati George Karim
Ivanno Jeremiah Inspector Barnes
Morven Christie Penelope Fittes
Jemma Moore Annabel Ward
Jack Bandeira Quill Kipps
Hayley Konadu Flo Bones
Rhianna Dorris Kat Godwin
Paddy Holland Bobby Vernon


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Is There Any Trailer for Lockwood And Co. Season 2?

Sorry, but we can’t give you the trailer for season 2 right now. We’ll let you know on this page as soon as it’s officially out there. The first season of Lockwood And Co. is on Netflix. Watch the video for season 1 below for now:


The second season of the Netflix adaptation of Jonathan Stroud’s best-selling novel series is titled Lockwood And Co. The show centers on the exploits of a team of youthful ghost hunters who work for the Lockwood And Co. agency in London affected by the Problem, a paranormal occurrence.

The Whispering Skull, The Screaming Staircase, and the Fittes Agency were just a few of the new threats that Lockwood, Lucy, George, and their new allies had to contend with this season. We have learned that the show’s makers have not yet discussed or made any announcements about Lockwood And Co. season 2. There is a potential that the series will return, but there is also a chance that it won’t.

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