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What Happened To Omar On Ciao House? Find Out Why He left The House


Ciao House is Food Networks’ new food competition.
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The food show carries unique series which features a twist that makes fans of the cooking show glued to their screen. Fans of Omar Ashley are curious to know what happened to their favorite chef on the show.

This article covers all you need to know about Ciao House and what happened to Omar Ashley when he had to leave the show.

Cioa House

what happened to omar on ciao house

Ciao House is one of the Food Network must-watch show since its debut. The new episode is set in Tuscany and the show features host and judge Alex Gurnaschelli along with Gabriele Bertaccini.

The show features 10 chefs from around the country and the plot is different from other known cooking franchises. The show is different from other shows because chefs on the show cook and live together in the same house until the finale of the competition.

The show also carries rules that require the contestants to have good social skills as well as social games. The Ciao House sees 10 chefs competing for an immersive culinary education led by chef masters across Italy. The Food Network’s cooking show is equivalent to that of Big Brother.

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What Happened To Omar Ashley On Ciao House?

what happened to omar on ciao house

Omar Ashley had a serious injury that made the producers remove him from the show. Fans have shown their dismay about the situation. During the third match of the shoe Omar Ashley had been bending down a lot to be able to complete his task.

Due to his continuous bending and selecting things up, he woke the next day in severe pain.
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Omar Ashley due to the pain was not able to stand up because of his back pain and was getting constant contractions every few seconds.

However, Omar Ashley had earlier revealed that he suffered from a herniated disc about some years back. He also revealed that he had not felt any pain before coming on the show but due to his hectic and bending down task, the pain returned.

what happened to omar on ciao house

The production team also reached out to medical practitioners in Italy to check if Omar Ashley can return to the show or not. The medical team advised that he should not compete for the day and needed to see a doctor.

Omar Ashely’s performance has been superb and good except for the first episode. Both the fans and judges have been impressed by his performance and cooking styles and techniques. Because of his performance, he was selected for the fourth match in the show.

However, because of his injury, he was not able to compete anymore and his captaincy was stripped from him and given to Preston Paine. Omar Ashley after leaving the show talked to his fans about the injury and he also revealed that he was proud of his performance and he did not leave the show like others.

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Who Has Left Ciao House?

what happened to omar on ciao house

Six people have so far left Ciao House and the last person to leave the show was Corey Becker from New York City.
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The show began with ten contestants and two judges and till now four episodes have been aired and five members have been sent packing.

The five contestants include Justin Robinson, Trenica Johnson, Jess Mahoney, Omar Ashley, and Matt Wasson. However, Omar Ashley was noneliminated from the show but was forced out of the show due to an old injury.

Ciao House Contestants

what happened to omar on ciao house

• Omar Ashley

• Corey Becker

• Saba Duffy

• Trenica Johnson

• Jess Mahoney

• Preston Paine

• Sarah Raffetto

• Justin Robinson

• Natalia Rosario

• Matt Wasson

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