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What Happened To Varley On Street Outlaws? When Is The Television Personality Making A Return?


Street Outlaws is a famous American reality Tv series that premiered on Discovery Channel on June 10, 2013.

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Fans of the reality Tv show are familiar with Wayne Varley and many are curious to find out what had happened to him.

This article covers all everything you need to know about Wayne Varley and what happened to him as he has not been active on his social media pages which have kept fans speculating about his whereabouts.

Who Is Wayne Varley?

what happened to varley on street outlaws

Wayne Varley is a popular street car racer and a familiar face on the Discovery Show with his famous 1980 Gord Fox Body Mustang also popularly known as the Gold Car. Varley is also the owner of the auto repair shop Varley’s Auto and it is based in Oklahoma.

Wayne Varley reportedly gained his first job as a car repairer at age 14 when he fixed the water pump on his father’s car. Varley grew up in Yorkshire and was said to have moved to the United States of America when he was 16 years old.

When getting to the United States he first worked at McDonald’s to be able to save money for the purchase of his first car. He eventually bought his iconic 1980 Ford Body Mustang and started racing.

Wayne Varley became a popular name in the racing world and a household name in Oklahoma City after appearing on Street Outlaws. Wayne Varley joined the reality television show in 2013.

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What Happened To Varley On Street Outlaws?

what happened to varley on street outlaws

Wayne Varley had heart surgery in July 2018 which has kept the veteran away from the famous reality Tv show as well as his social media pages.

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Varley’s last post on Facebook was on July 2022 after he shared a post that he was recovering.

Wayne Varley also praised his wife Denise for always staying by his side throughout his defining moments and for not leaving his side. Before undergoing his surgery Varley was active on social media but his last video post was in August last year.

Wayne Varley Fans Pray For His Recovery

what happened to varley on street outlaws

After Wayne Varley shared his post about his health status fans of the television personality began sending him messages of support and prayed for his quick recovery.

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When Would Wanye Varley Return To The RaceTrack?

It’s still unclear when Wayne Varley would make a return to the screen. There has been no news or information about the veteran making a return to the race track.

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His silence on social media too has not helped matters but it is reported that Varley is recovering.

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