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Who Is Tammy Rivera Pregnant By? Find Out The Truth Here!


Tammy Rivera is a TV personality, singer, fashion designer, and businessman from the United States. She used to be a part of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta group on VH1.

Rumors have been circulating on the Internet that she is pregnant after she shared a controversial photo on her Instagram handle.

Most of her fans and followers are quite curious to find out the truth if she is pregnant or not. Follow the for more celebrity news, LGBTQ news and updates.

Is Tammy Rivera Pregnant?

Who Is Tammy Rivera Pregnant By

No, Tammy Rivers is not pregnant despite the controversial picture that was shared online. However, the status of her pregnancy has not been confirmed at the moment.

She published a picture proudly exhibiting on Instagram what appeared to be a big stomach, which fueled speculation that she might be pregnant.

But the caption that goes with it, “GOD IS GOOD!I’ve been given a full injection of ambiguity. Everyone questioned whether this was a serious joke or a legitimate announcement of pregnancy.

Who Is Tammy Rivera Pregnant By

The scenario became even more perplexing when Tammy started receiving congratulations via direct messages, which prompted her to ask the senders in her story if they had read the caption completely.

The uncertainty spread to the comments, as one user congratulated her on perhaps having twins and another made fun of their similar stomach issues. A third user expressed a mix of disappointment and eagerness in the midst of all of this, hoping that the rumors were accurate.

The truth about Tammy Rivera’s pregnancy is still a secret as of right now, leaving her audience curious and uneasy.

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Who Is Tammy Rivera Pregnant By?

Who Is Tammy Rivera Pregnant By

Tammy Rivera is not currently pregnant by anyone at the moment as of August 2023. She has also not disclosed any pregnancy news to the public or close family members yet. Her controversial photo would be a result of too much eating from a restaurant or a means to prank the social media community.

Is Tammy Rivera Married?

Tammy Rivera is currently not married to anyone at the moment. This also suggests that her pregnancy rumors are fake as she is not in any romantic relationship at the moment. However, she has been in previous relationships in the past.

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Tammy Rivera’s Past Relationship

Who Is Tammy Rivera Pregnant By

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera were previously wed from 2014 to 2022. Waka and Tammy exchanged vows in an Atlanta courtroom in May 2014. However, once they got married, things grew worse for them. The T. Rivera designer and her boyfriend discussed her husband’s escapades frequently while they were dating.

However, Waka continued to cheat after they were married, and when he did it once more in 2016, Tammy decided to separate from him. After being away for some time, Waka and Tammy both agreed they didn’t want to live without one another.

In a joint interview with The Breakfast Club, the “Round of Applause” rapper admitted that he cheated on his wife in order to be accepted by his pals. But after Tammy left, he understood that he couldn’t live without the “All These Kisses” singer.

Who Is Tammy Rivera Pregnant By

In January 2019, following their reconciliation, they renewed their vows. What the Flocka by Waka & Tammy was released in 2020. But some of Waka’s prior relationships came up while they were filming the episode.

Fans soon noted that the couple had ceased posting about one another on social media, though, shortly after the first season. In September 2021, when Page Six questioned Waka about a potential split, he attempted to quell rumors that he was having an extramarital affair.

But Tammy ultimately came clean in March 2022 on a BET-aired Instagram Live session. They had decided to dissolve their marriage, she claimed. Although the exact date of their breakup is unknown, it is generally accepted to have occurred in late 2021 or early 2022.

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