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Oshi No Ko Episode 6 Recap: What Happen With Yuki in School?


At the beginning of Oshi No Ko episode 6, Yuki expresses her desire to leave the dating show because other contestants tease her. However, it seems as though everything is a part of the act because there are two girls commenting on the happenings.

In the meantime, Yuki reveals to the others that she does experience bullying at school and that she wants to drop out. The Oshi No Ko Episode 6 Recap is just one of the topics that will be covered in this post. Read the full story below if you want the complete picture.

Oshi No Ko Episode 6 Recap!

Aqua and the rest of his group are going out to eat. Ruby has a serious talk with Aqua at home because he no longer eats Sunday dinner with her. Aqua is glad that the dating show gives them time to focus on school and live their lives.

Ruby asks Aqua if people on dating shows “real” fall in love. Aqua says it depends on the person. Aqua tells the audience that Yuki and Nobuyuki became a couple while Kengo was just a bystander. This gave the show a love triangle to make people want to keep watching.

While Kengo, Nobuyuki, and Yuki are sleeping, MEM-Cho asks Aqua why he doesn’t join the fight between Kengo, Nobuyuki, and Yuki. Aqua says he’d rather play it safe until the show is over, even though it would help get his name out there.

Oshi No Ko Episode 6 Recap

MEM-Cho says she won’t change her easygoing, comforting persona because she wants to get people to check out her YouTube account. MEM-Cho is worried about Akane while we see short clips of what her life is like.

She walks in on the head of her company yelling at her manager because Akane didn’t get more screen time on the dating show. Akane feels like she doesn’t have any backbone. She looks at her notebook and swears to work hard and make a mark.

Kana yells at Ruby when she tries to post online about how bad soda is. She tells Ruby why it’s not a good idea to talk about brand-name products online. Kana takes Ruby’s phone because she thinks Ruby is ‘egosurfing.’

Kana says that they live in a society where internet marketing is important and tells Ruby that many idols like to look themselves up online. At the same time, we see Akane egosurfing and learning that not everyone agrees with Yuki’s view of her character. Aqua finds MEM-Cho and Kengo making a video for the official TikTok and Twitter accounts for the show.

Yuki and Nobuyuki are talking when Akane walks up to them and asks Nobuyuki to follow her. As they talk, we get a lot of tweets that say bad things about Akane’s part in the show. Akane wants to be Yuki’s enemy so that people will pay attention to her.

Later in the day, Akane tells Yuki that she wants to leave her mark on the show before it ends. Yuki tells her that she won’t let Akane steal her thunder. Akane sees that Yuki is trying to take Kengo away from her, so she stands up to Yuki and tells her to stop pulling her tricks.

Akane cuts Yuki’s face with her nails, and it looks like they were shooting at the same time. Akane is upset by what’s going on, but Yuki calms her down and tells her it’s okay. Yuki tells Akane that she is a hard worker and promises that she is speaking from the heart.

Based on some tweets, Akane’s friends think she is dangerous because of what she has done. Akane says she’s sorry on Twitter, but her fans still don’t like her. Akane remembers what MEM-Cho said about how to deal with feedback online, and she finds it hard to do so.

Oshi No Ko Episode 6 Recap

Akane’s boss tells her not to put anything online because it will just make things worse. Akane’s hard-working life is shown to us in a flashback, while several people talk badly about her.

Akane goes outside in the rain after hearing that a long-time friend of hers no longer backs her because of what she did. At the end of the show, Aqua stops Akane from killing herself.

Oshi No Ko Episode 6 Ratings! 

When evaluating a program, everyone considers its rating. Usually, the best method to determine whether a show will continue airing is to examine its performance in the ratings. As your position improves, so do your prospects of succeeding. The program has an IMDb rating of 9.4/10.

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