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The Tutorial is Too Hard Chapter 114: Find the Release Date Here!


The Tutorial is Too Hard Chapter 114: You might have heard of The Tutorial is Too Hard if you like action, adventure, fantasy, or psychological comics. It is a famous manhwa series by Gandara that tells the story of Lee Hojae, a former pro gamer who gets stuck in a hellish tutorial world where he has to survive 100 levels of hard challenges.

People have praised the series for how intensely and realistically it shows the main character’s battle, as well as for its interesting plot and world-building.

In the latest part of The Tutorial is Too Hard, Hojae faces off against a powerful enemy that he has been chasing for a long time. Will he be able to win and finish the level? On the way, what lies will he find out? What will happen to his friends who are also stuck in the tutorial?

The Tutorial is Too Hard Chapter 114 Quick Info!

Title The Tutorial is Too Hard
Author Gandara
Chapter 114
Release Date May 21, 2023
Where to Read Tapas

When and Where to Read The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 114?

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 114 should come out in Raw on May 21, 2023, at 12 a.m. KST. Soon after that, the English version will be released.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 114 will be released in raw form on Kakao‘s official website and in English on Tapas, according to the release schedule above.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 113 Recap!

Lee Yeonghee sees no other way out, so she goes with plan B, which is to make Ho Jae think she is from the system. Yeonghee thought this was the best way to come back because her opponent would feel bad and let his guard down.

She then gets him to give her back her arm by giving him details about the current floor and how she found out about his skills. Ho Jae wanted to see healing magic in action because he was interested in it and wanted to learn more about it.

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This only made him more likely to fall into her trap. Still, Yeonghee is able to get her arm back and thinks to herself that she should have been an actor instead of an archer.

She starts the spell to put her arm back on, but it turns out to be a calling spell that requires her to give up a part of her body in order to call the Spirit King. Ho Jae sees what he did wrong, but it’s too late.

The Tutorial is Too Hard Chapter 114

Yeonghee heals her arm right away, and now all she has to do is buy enough time for the calling to work. Ho Jae, being the beast that he was, gave Yeonghee a hard time even though he had lost his senses.

He did this by guessing her every move with a level of accuracy that was far beyond what Yeonghee had expected. But in the end, he couldn’t stop the Spirit King from coming, and he was now facing him.


Gandara’s manhwa series The Tutorial Is Too Hard is about a former pro gamer named Lee Hojae who gets stuck in a lesson world. The story and world-building have been praised for being realistic and interesting. The English version of Chapter 114 of The Tutorial is Too Hard will come out on Tapas on May 21, 2023.

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