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Is Luke Bryan Gay? What Is the Sexuality of an American Country Music Singer?


Luke Bryan is a country singer, songwriter, and TV host from the United States. Before he signed with Capitol Nashville in 2007, he first wrote songs for Travis Tritt and Billy Currington.

He is one of the most popular and award-winning country musicians of the last ten years.

Because of his fame, there are a lot of stories about him. The most searched question is, “Is Luke Bryan gay?” Even well-known TV stars have spoken out and said that he is gay.

So let’s not waste time and just dive straight into the article to find out if the country music singer is gay or straight.

Is Luke Bryan gay?

No, Luke Bryan is not gay. Even though he’s married to a woman, there’s still a lot of talk about his sexuality.

Also, tweets from big TV stars like Dave Portnoy have made people a little bit less sure about Luke Bryan’s sexuality. Look at the tweet that the founder of Barstool made in 2013.

is luke bryan gay

But wait, this isn’t the only Tweet. Portnoy used this Twitter account again the very next year to say,

is luke bryan gay

Well, now we’re all wondering if Dave is just talking nonsense or if he really thinks the award-winning singer is gay. But since his tweets aren’t backed up by any evidence, we can safely say that these stories aren’t true. Luke Bryan is a straight man he is married to his wife and they have two kids together.

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Luke Is a Big-Time LGBTQ Supporter

is luke bryan gay

Bryan supports the LGBTQ community in a big way. Through his 2018 hit song, “Most People Are Good,” he showed that he always stood up for the community. He showed in the video that everyone is good, whether they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, black, white, Asian, Democrat, or Republican.

On the other hand, his song also got a lot of attention, especially from his traditional fans. Luke told the Chicago Tribune in an interview that it makes him mad that he has to watch what he says when he writes songs.

One line in the song, “I believe you love who you love,” hinted that Luke is a supporter of the LGBT community. However, as we all know, conservatives aren’t usually big supporters of the LGBT community.

This made Luke feel very stressed. He said that the line “can be taken in many different ways.” He went on to say,

“A lot of people asked me, ‘Well, does that mean you want to put a flag and support the gay and lesbian community?’ I said, “I’m not saying I’ll go fly that flag, but I’m also not saying I won’t.”

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Who Is Luke Bryan Married To?

is luke bryan gay

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer have been married for 16 years as of May 2023. When they were in college, they started dating. After a few years apart, they got back together, and Luke asked her to marry him.

After a terrible family tragedy, Luke and Caroline now have two children together and have taken in three more. Luke asked Caroline to marry him in front of the Nashville Parthenon. During an interview with Michael J he said that after a dinner date, he blindfolded her and took her to a mystery location.

“We had been talking about houses and other things, and I told her I wanted her to see my house.

So, she thought she would do that,” he told Michael J. “I was on my knees when she took off the blindfold.”

They went to the Colorado mountains for their honeymoon. In 2016, they marked their 10th wedding anniversary, and Luke gave Caroline a new engagement ring as a gift.


“It was a small gift for 10 years of marriage. He told People, “Ten years with me feels like a thousand.” “It was the least I could do,” he said.

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