Malpractice Season 2: Canceled or Renewed! Let’s Explore Here!

Malpractice Season 2

Malpractice Season 2: Malpractice is a medical action show made by the same company that made Line of Duty, World Productions. It was created by Jed Mercurio.

Niamh Algar plays Dr. Lucinda Edwards, a doctor who is accused of doing bad work at a hospital after a terrible shift. On April 24, 2023, the first season of the show came out on ITVX, and both reviewers and viewers loved it.

Malpractice Season 2 Renewal Status!

There hasn't been any official word yet about whether or not Malpractice will get a second season. But both audiences and critics liked the show, and the ending didn't answer all of their worries. ITV will probably want to keep telling the story of Lucinda and her coworkers in a second season.

Malpractice Season 2 Release Date!

If Malpractice gets a second season, it would probably come out in 2024 or 2025. Since there were five shows in the first season, we can assume that there will be the same number in the second. The show was shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the second season is likely to be shot in the same place.

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What Could Be The Storyline of Malpractice Season 2?

We don't know what will happen in Season 2 of Malpractice yet, but we can guess based on what happened in Season 1.

Malpractice Season 2

At the end of the season, Lucinda went to the hearing because her husband Tom asked her to admit that she has a problem with drugs and that she needs to get clean. But the show didn't answer a lot of questions in preparation for “Malpractice” Season 2.

  • How will Lucinda's court case turn out? Will she lose her license or get in trouble with the law?
  • What will happen to George now that he was shot in the hospital by a drug dealer?
  • What will happen to Norma, who was caught for being a part of the drug ring?
  • Who are the other people in charge of the drug ring, and how big is it?
  • How will Lucinda deal with her drug use and past experiences?

Who will Be in the Cast of Malpractice Season 2?

Even though the cast for Malpractice Season 2 has not been revealed just yet, it is safe to assume that most of the leading actors from the first season will be back for another go-round. The following is a roster of the actors who appeared in the first season:

Actor Role
Niamh Algar Dr Lucinda Edwards
Jordan Kouamé Dr George Adjei
Helen Behan Dr Norma Callahan
Stanley Tucci Victor Devlin
Ashleigh Cummings Grace
Billy Jenkins Leo
David Dencik Dr Kasper
Christian Cooke Will


Is there Any Trailer for Malpractice Season 2?

Although there is not yet a trailer available for Malpractice Season 2, you can view the trailer for the first season on Youtube.

Malpractice Season 2


Malpractice is an engrossing and thrilling series that delves into the seedier side of the medical industry as well as the psyche of the average person. In addition to receiving accolades for its outstanding acting and directing, the show has been lauded for the realism with which it depicts issues such as addiction, corruption, and trauma. Malpractice, which airs on ITVX, is an excellent show to watch if you like suspenseful stories, compelling dramas, and puzzling puzzles.

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