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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3097 Release Date: A Guide for Fans of the Novel!


When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3097 Release Date: When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence is a relationship book. Do you like it? If so, you must be dying to find out what happens next in this exciting story.

In the book, Lily is a young woman who wakes up from a coma to find herself married to Evan, a beautiful and mysterious guy.

She falls more in love with him as she tries to remember things she has forgotten. But what is he hiding behind those eyes? And what risks do they face when it’s dark?

In this article, we will discuss the When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3097 Release Date, a Recap of the previous chapter, and much more. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3097 Quick Info!

Title When His Eyes Opened
Author Simple Silence
Chapter 3097 
Release Date June 02, 2023
Where to Read Good novel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3097 Release Date!

Every day, the author puts out two parts of the book at the same time, but sometimes only one chapter is added. How often and when chapters are added depends on how the author feels.

I think that chapter 3097 of the book will come out around June 02, 2023, based on what I know so far. But this is only a rough estimate and may not be right. You can check online book reading sites to find out what’s going on with the book.

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3096 Recap!

In When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3096, Elliot and Avery got into a fight when he found out that she had lied to him about who she was. He said that his enemies sent her to spy on him and told her to leave his house.

Avery tried to tell him that she had lost her memory and only remembered him as her husband, but he didn’t believe her. He said he hated her and didn’t want to see her ever again.

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3097 Release Date

Avery was upset and tried to get away from him. She chose to move back to where she grew up and start over. She got her things together and left him a note saying she was sorry for everything and that she still loved him. She also left behind the necklace he gave her on the day they got married.

Elliot was angry and hurt when she left. He got rid of the note and the collar, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He understood he had done something wrong and that he still cared about her. He decided to find her and say sorry, but he got there too late. He got to the airport just as her flight was taking off.

He felt a strong wave of sadness and sorrow. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever see her again. He promised to find her and apologize for what he had said. He wanted her to forgive him and give him a second chance.

While this was going on, Avery was on the plane and felt empty and numb. When she looked out the window, the city where she had met Elliot was getting smaller and smaller. She was worried that he wouldn’t come back to her.

She hoped he would remember how much they loved and cared for each other. The way the story finished left the readers wondering what will happen next between Elliot and Avery. If you like this Novel, you might also like Jinx and Bad Thinking Diary which is about love and romance.

Where to Read When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3097?

Good novel has all the chapters of When His Eyes Opened, so you can go to their site to read Chapter 3097. You can read the first 21 parts for free, but in order to read the rest of the book, you have to pay a certain amount of coins.


When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence is a book about a relationship between a young woman named Lily and a mystery guy named Evan. When Lily wakes up from a coma, she finds herself married to Evan.

Elliot and Avery get into a fight in the last chapter when Elliot finds out that Avery lied about who she was. Good Novel has all of the book’s parts, and it is expected to be published on June 02, 2023. To read more Entertainment related articles, stay tuned to our website Crossover99. 

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