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Why is Season 1 of One Tree Hill the Best Season?


The nostalgic and addicting teen stories of the 2000s are hard to beat. Many new teen soaps don’t have the same spark that shows like One Tree Hill and The O.C. had when they were on the air.

Since its first episode in 2003, One Tree Hill has been one of the shows that set the bar for teen dramas. One Tree Hill mastered the art of making a successful and binge-worthy first season, making it the best of the show’s nine seasons.

It had interesting relationship dynamics, swoon-worthy love stories, and season-ending cliffhangers that made fans want to watch the next season right away.

One Tree Hill Showed Interesting and Complicated Relationships!

In their first seasons, shows often have trouble getting off the ground.

Most of the time, there isn’t enough depth to the relationships between the characters, and the pace is either too slow or too fast, making it hard to follow what’s going on.

From the first episode to the end of the first season, One Tree Hill avoided all of these big first-season pitfalls. The show is based on the complicated connection between half-brothers Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty).

The bond between Lucas and Nathan has been at the center of the show for most of its run. Fans of One Tree Hill grew to love the interesting relationships between the characters because of how difficult they were. The key to the show is how Lucas and Nathan go from hating each other to becoming friends to finally becoming brothers.

One Tree Hill

Season 1 does a great job of setting up this process while keeping the brothers competitive on the basketball court and briefly for Peyton Sawyer’s (Hilarie Burton) heart, before Nathan fell in love with Lucas’ best friend from childhood, Haley James (Bethany Joy Lenz).

One Tree Hill’s Best Main Love Story Started With Naley!

Because Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush), Lucas, and Peyton were all in love with her, One Tree Hill had some of the most heated ship wars of the 2000s. But one ship on the show stayed strong and turned out to be the best lead love story.

Nathan and Haley’s relationship was the healthiest of the show’s teen loves, even though they got married too soon in the Season 1 finale and had to deal with a lot of problems that were meant to break them up. Season 1 is the best part of Naley’s love story because it set up a cute, but solid, long-term basis for their relationship.

At the beginning of Season 1, when Haley agreed to teach Nathan if he stopped picking on Lucas, there was a bit of a “enemy-to-lover” vibe between them.

As they spent more time together, they fell in love, and Haley showed Nathan a kinder side.

Part one Some of the most romantic parts of One Tree Hill involve Nathan giving Haley a beaded bracelet from a Cracker Jack box during their first teaching session together and their first kiss, which happened to the song “Dare You to Move” by Switchfoot.

Nathan’s best side came out when he fell in love with Haley because she made him want to be a better person. Nathan stopped being a greedy, one-dimensional jock and let himself open up to other people. He even got close to Lucas and became like a brother to him.

One Tree Hill

Watching Naley fall in love was one of the best parts of the show, and their relationship as a whole was more interesting and swoon-worthy than any of the Brooke-Lucas-Peyton love triangle drama that happened over and over and often didn’t need to happen.

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One Tree Hill Made a Shocking and Heartbreaking Cliffhanger!

Cliffhangers at the end of a season are one of the best and worst things about current TV. Some of the most painful and nail-biting cliffhangers are in teen shows, and One Tree Hill was no stranger to making their fans wait for the next season.

With Nathan and Haley’s impromptu wedding, Lucas and Nathan’s evil father, Dan’s heart attack, and Lucas’s decision to leave town with Uncle Keith to fix the many mistakes he made during the season and become a better person, Season 1 of One Tree Hill started a long-standing tradition of heartbreaking and intriguing season finale cliffhangers.

If Lucas had left for good at the end of Season 1, the show would have had a more sad tone. Fans were happy that the show kept going for eight more seasons, even though Chad Michael Murray left after Season 6.

This season’s end made it seem like he was running away from his problems instead of solving them. Fans were happier when, at the end of Season 2, Lucas decided to come back to town to help Nathan after hearing that their father, Dan, had a heart attack. The mid-season finales and season finales of future seasons only get more exciting, so it’s always worth it to watch a lot of One Tree Hill all at once.

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