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Do Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise Still Friends After Top Gun?


It’s hard to say enough good things about how well Top Gun: Maverick did. The sequel to 2022 made more than $1 billion at the box office, and it made people remember how fun it was to go to the movies again. Everyone loves the original 1986 movie, so it’s no surprise that the remake did so well.

Tom Cruise’s work after Top Gun is well known, but Kelly McGillis’s life was very sad in the years after the action movie made her popular. Even though no one has said there will be a third Ton Gun movie, it’s hard not to hope for another action-packed film in the series.

Even though Top Gun was made over 30 years ago, Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise are still praised for their memorable roles. After making Top Gun, did Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise stay close friends? And did they have a good time working on the first movie together?

Do Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise still Friends after Top Gun?

Meg Ryan and Kelly McGillis were not in Top Gun: Maverick. Joseph Kosinski, the director, told Insider in an interview that he made creative decisions about what would happen in the movie. McGillis said that she wasn’t thought to be young enough for the part.

“Those weren’t just stories we were making up,” Kosinski said. I didn’t want every story to always be about what happened in the past. It was important to add some new people to the story. Penny Benjamin is a character we’ve heard of but never seen, so it was a great chance for Jennifer Connelly’s character to be in this movie.

Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise

Kelly McGillis’s mysterious disappearance from Hollywood made people think she had died. Here’s what the Top Gun star is really doing now. Fans wanted to know why Kelly McGillis wasn’t in Top Gun: Maverick, but more than that, they wanted to know if she and Tom Cruise still talk.

It doesn’t look like McGillis and Cruise are good friends. They haven’t talked about each other in years, and there are no pictures of them hanging out together from the last few years. But it doesn’t look like they have anything against each other. They’ve never said anything bad about the way they work together.

Some stars get close on the set of a movie and stay friends for life, but others go their different ways and don’t stay in touch. After shooting for Top Gun ended in the mid-1980s, it seems like Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise may not have stayed in touch.

If Kelly McGillis had played Charlie Blackwood again in Top Gun: Maverick, it’s possible that she and Tom Cruise would have worked together again. Maybe they would have become close friends as a result of the experience because they both miss the first movie so much.

People who worked with Tom Cruise on the sets of both Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick say how nice he is. Greg Tarzan Davis, who played Lieutenant Javy “Coyote” Machado in Top Gun: Maverick, told People that everyone loved hearing what Tom Cruise had to say.

The star told People, “There were times at the end of the day when we would all sit around him for an hour and listen to his stories.”

Other stars from Top Gun: Maverick have talked about how much they enjoyed working with Tom Cruise. Glen Powell told Daily Pop, “I mean, he even left the set in his P-51 and flew off into the sunset. He makes things look so cool that you kind of want to be a part of that world.” Do You know How old was Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

Did Kelly McGillis And Tom Cruise Like Each Other While Filming Top Gun?

Kelly McGillis talked about being on the set of Top Gun, and it sounds like she had a good time there. And there was no sign that Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise had ever been in a fight.

Yahoo! quotes the actor as saying, “I think Tom is great. He is the nicest person. He is very honest, polite, and truthful. And it was so much fun to work with Tom. I think he’s great.”

McGillis said that she had a great time making Top Gun and told what it was like on set.

McGillis went on, “Well, after work there was a lot of partying. You can imagine—yeah, we all just hung out, went to the driving range, and did stuff. Some people went to Mexico, where they got into trouble. We were just having fun.”

Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise

Entertainment Tonight’s YouTube channel has a movie about the making of Top Gun. In it, it says that when McGillis and Cruise filmed a romantic scene between their characters, it was added later.

McGillis went from blonde to brown because she was cast in a different movie. This must have been the next year’s Made in Heaven, which came out in 1987.

Tom Cruise hasn’t talked much about Kelly McGillis, but he has talked about how much he loves Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick. During an interview with Conan O’Brien for Conan on TBS, he said that he went to school to learn how to be a pilot.

When he was young, Cruise told O’Brien, “I wanted to fly airplanes and make movies.” In Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick, it was amazing for him to reach these goals. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more updates.

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