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Rise of the Beasts Failed to Remix a Generation One Human Ally!


One problem with past Transformers movies is that there wasn’t enough time on screen for both the human characters and the robots in disguise.

This balance is finally reached in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, which focuses on the robots and how they are made while also having human characters who are at least kind of interesting.

One of them is Noah Diaz, who is a new character who has nothing to do with any of the other movies or storylines. In spite of this, he is written very much like a human friend from Generation 1.

In G1, the main human figures were Spike Witwicky, his father Sparkplug, and his girlfriend/future wife Carly. However, the Autobots also had a friend in Raoul.

Raoul’s story is very similar to Noah’s. Both of them grew up in New York and met a Transformer that was a bit flighty. This link is even stronger because Rise of the Beasts sets up Noah for another Hasbro product.

In G1, Spike Wasn’t the Best Human Friend the Transformers Had.

In the second season episode “Make Tracks” of the original cartoon series “Transformers,” Raoul almost steals the blue Autobot Corvette. Raoul tells everyone that his “bosses,” the Geddis brothers, are giving cars and parts to the Decepticons so that Megatron can build an army of “cannon fodder” robots.

Rise of the Beasts

He would also help stop this plan by scaring Megatron for a moment with spray paint when the bad head of the Decepticons picked him up and threatened him. In a later episode, he put together a group that helped Tracks and Blaster check out Dancitron, a dance club run by Decepticons.

There, Blaster and Soundwave, who was a Decepticon and fought against him, had a really loud sound fight. Raoul was the epitome of the 1980s. He wore a cap, had a ponytail, and wore a jacket with rhinestones all over it. Maybe this is why he hasn’t been used much in the series since the original show.

Still, he would get a plastic salute in the form of a human figure that came with Masterpiece Tracks in the Transformers: Masterpiece toy line. Ironically, Rise of the Beasts would seem to be his biggest role in years because the main person in the movie is basically Raoul except for his name.

Noah Diaz From Rise of the Beasts Like Raoul From G1!

As was already said, the only thing that sets Noah and Raoul apart is their names. Both of them live in more urban parts of New York and try to steal cars that are actually Autobots.

They end up helping these good Transformers, and Noah is a big part of how they beat the boss of the Terrorcons, Scourge, just like Raoul did when he fought Megatron.

Even Noah’s friend Mirage and G1 Tracks have some things in common. They are both very showy Autobots who don’t know much about being quiet and don’t mind using humans to help them do their jobs.

Rise of the Beasts

It’s important to remember that the original Transformers show and comic books took place in the same universe as the same kinds of projects for the G.I. Joe brand, which is also made by Hasbro.

In fact, both Cobra Commander and Marissa Faireborn were in Season 3 of The Transformers. Now, live-action movies are using a similar idea, and Noah is helping to bridge the gap between the robots in disguise in movies and real American heroes.

If this had been Raoul, it would have made the character even more famous and solidified him as one of the Autobots’ most important human friends. It would also have made the link to G.I. Joe a little bit clearer.

Since the figure is completely original, the overlap might seem forced and unnatural. Since the new Transformers movies are trying so hard to give more fan service and stay true to the source material, this missed chance is especially bad. Stay tuned with Crossover99, for more latest News and Updates.

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