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What Happened To Hannah On Bones? Get All The Juicy Details Here!


Katheryn Wimmick also known as Hannah on the Series Bones is a Canadian actress who is famous for appearing in the series Bones. She has also been featured in several television series and movies such as Viknings, Wu Assassins, and Big Sky which aired from 2020 to 2023.

Fans of Bones are all curious and eager to find out what happened to Hannah.
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This article covers all you need to know about Bones and what happened to Hannah.


what happened to hannah on bones

Bones is a famous American crime procedural comedy Tv series. Bones was created by Hart Hanson for Fox and it premiered on September 13, 2005. The series focuses on anthropology and forensic archaeology with the episodes focusing on an FBI case file.

The file was concerned about the mystery behind human remains brought by a special agent Seely Booth David Boreanz to Temperance Bones Brennan. Brennan is a forensic anthropologist and the series explores the personal lives of the characters.

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What Happened To Hannah on Bones?

what happened to hannah on bones

Booth broke up with Hannah in the sixth season of Bones. Booth had earlier made a significant step in getting over his tangled feelings for his friend and co-worker and was committing to a new woman in Season 6.

He asked Hannah to but regrettably learns that she was not the marrying kind of woman. Viewers and fans were also hoping to see her date someone else aside from Bones and the rejection was traumatizing. However, viewers were able to watch because of what happened next.

What Happened Next?

what happened to hannah on bones

Shortly after Bones admitted that she still had feelings for him because he was afraid of losing another woman that he loved but did not feel the same way about him. When he asked Hannah to Marry him she replied that she thought they would have more time before the question.

She also admitted that she did not want to marry him and that she will not desire to do so and that she was aware of this from the beginning. She also requested that they should pretend that nothing ever happened between them and they should still be together.

However, he responded that they can’t and that eventually lead to the couple breaking up. After their break up he threw the expensive ring that he bought for her into the river. That was when Booth broke up with Hannah.

How Did Fans React To Their Break Up?

What happened to Hannah on Bones

Fans and viewers felt a strong urge about the couple’s choice and the return of the engagement ring he had bought for her. However, the emotion was not related to the ring but to Hannah and the solution is more complicated than what was earlier thought.

Hannah also admitted that Booth had to be with some other than Bones and she would have not made a bad choice. A fan also reacted that Hannah and Booth would have made a terrific match and that a match between Booth and Bones would be a bad choice.
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what happened to hannah on bones

However, one of them openly dismissed anything that may prevent Booth and Bones from getting together would be Hannah and that he hated her and nothing was likable about her.
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Hannah appeared too pretty and fans did not cry out exactly in agony when the relationship between Hannah and Booth had ended.

Fans and viewers also revealed that they could not get past the idea that Hannah was just ever designed to be a difference for B-Squared.

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Where To Watch Bones

Fans and viewers can currently watch or stream Bones on Hulu or for free on Freevee. It can also buy Bones or download on Apple TV, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, and Microsoft Store.

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