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Handy Pan Net Worth Find All The Answers You Need Here


Handy Pan is a two-in-one cooking appliance that also serves as a cooking pan that is a built-in strainer. The Pan can also be transformed into a strainer with the push of a button, which makes it easy to get rid of grease or water.

The net worth of Handy Pan has been highly sought by users as they are curious to find out their net worth. This article covers all you need to know about Handy Pan. Follow for more trending news and information.

Handy Pan

handy pan net worth

Handy Pan was founded by famous childhood friends and business associates Adam Chaudry and Josh Conway. According to childhood friends, the idea of Handy Pan was from a design sketch on a napkin.

The two-in-one cooking appliance has been praised by customers who love the product due to its versatility, well-made, affordable, and convenient use for multiple uses. The cooking appliance can serve as sauteing, frying, and cooking pasta, and this without worries of creating a mess.

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Josh Conway And Adam Chaudry

Josh Conway and Adam Chaudry have been friends since their childhood years. They share a common goal of inventing things and one of their famous invention Handy Pan took them to Shark Tank. The business was called Chaudway Innovations LLC.

The company is known for producing several other kitchen utensils with the Handy caption in development. The pair aside from their innovations also have full-time jobs. Chaudry is a criminal defense and civil rights attorney while Conway is a realtor and GM of a strategic technologies company.

The Handy Pan is a basic ceramic coated non-stick drying Pam with a high heat-resisting handle. What also makes the Handy Pan special is the attachment to the strainer. The pan has a push button on the handle that when pushed the strainer raises and the chef can tilt the pan to dry out any liquid no extra strainer is required.

Handy Pan Net Worth

handy pan net worth

Handy Pan currently has an estimated net worth of about $250,000 as of 2023. The creators of the Handy Pan Adam Cbaudry and Josh Conway are close friends who came up with the idea of a non-stick pan with a strainer.

The Handy Pan has also not recalled their annual revenue yet but should be able to accumulate large sales if an expansion is done. The price of a Handy Pan is $29.99 which is also about the price of a regular non-stick pan.

The pans are available on their website where they are sold. The inventors had earlier sought funds on Kickstarter back in 2018 but were not able to raise enough money, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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What Happened To Handy Pan After Shark Tank?

handy pan net worth

The Handy Pan episode was aired on Sharks and the product quickly sold out after the episode as the demand went up. The founders also found it hard to keep up with the demand of customers. Lori Greiner a famous investor decided to invest in Handy Pan.

However, the deal was complicated and broke down before resulting in Handy Pan getting the investment that they were looking for. Despite the investors struggling to meet up with demands due to the unexpectedly high demand for their product they have continued to receive positive reviews from most of their customers.

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