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Is Giancarlo Esposito Gay? The Shocking Truth About Esposito’s Sexuality!


Is Giancarlo Esposito Gay? Giancarlo Esposito has been in the public eye for a long time. His part in the TV show Breaking Bad has brought him fans from all over the world. Because he has played LGBT parts on TV, fans have asked if he is gay in real life.

If you want to know what he thinks of himself sexually, keep reading. Our talk will be about more than just his sexuality and relationships. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

Who is Giancarlo Esposito?

From 2009 to 2011, he played Gus Fring on the AMC crime drama Breaking Bad. From 2017 to 2022, he played the same character on the show’s spinoff, Better Call Saul.

He has been nominated three times for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, in 2012, 2019, and 2020, for his work in this role.

Is Giancarlo Esposito Gay

Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is the son of Giovanni “John” C. Esposito, an Italian stagehand and builder who lived from 1931 to 2002, and Elizabeth “Leesa” Foster, an African American opera and bar singer who lived from 1926 to 2017.

Is Giancarlo Esposito Gay?

Esposito is not gay in real life. He has never said he liked or was interested in other guys. He is straight. Even though he played gay roles in the movies Waiting to Exhale and Breaking Bad, he is not gay himself.

Even though the experienced actor hasn’t shown his support for the LGBT community in public, we can assume he does because he played a gay man in a movie. Like the actor Will Ferrell, Esposito seems to have been called gay.

Due to His Roles, Rumors Started That He Was Gay!

People thought he was gay because in the 1995 movie “Waiting to Exhale” he played a gay character. He played Gloria’s husband in the movie. Gloria was played by someone else. In the movie, they have a child together, but when the kid comes out of hiding, everyone is shocked.

After that, it found out that Gus Fring, the character he played in Breaking Bad, was also gay. In the “Better Call Saul” spin-off show, it was shown that he was not straight. It looks like Gus was in love with a man.

Also, Esposito’s character can be seen looking at the male bartender David, who likes wine like he does. He starts to feel bad about David, so he pulls away because he knows he can’t bring someone he loves into the risky work he does.

The maker of the show also didn’t deny that the characters were gay. Instead, he gave more clues that this was the case.

“Gus is holding on to his anger and his desire for revenge. He may also be holding on to his relationship with Max.”

People asked the star about his sexuality after seeing him on TV, but he never said anything. We’re sure he’s not gay because he was married and has kids with a woman.

Is Giancarlo Esposito Married?

Since he broke up with his ex, the star isn’t seeing anyone right now. Since the artist likes to keep his personal life secret, it is hard to say much about his relationship status.

Is Giancarlo Esposito Gay

In 2013, there were rumors that Esposito had a relationship with the actor Sarah Wright. People said that he had dated people other than her in the past.

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Giancarlo Esposito Past Dating History!

Esposito used to be married to author and business owner Joy McManigal. Before the star got famous, the couple was together, and they were married for 20 years. In 1995, they got married, and they had four beautiful children.

His ex-partner is a quiet guy, even though he is well-known and often in the news. The actor’s ex-girlfriend has a lot of education and has worked in many different fields, such as business, running a pub, life coaching, therapy, event planning, and more.

Joy was very supportive of her husband’s work, and she suggested that he try out for Breaking Bad. Then he got the part, which turned out to be his most famous work. Because of problems, they decided to end their marriage in 2015.


Giancarlo Esposito is an American actor who is known for his part in Breaking Bad and its predecessor Better Call Saul. People have called him gay because of his parts in Waiting to Exhale and Breaking Bad, even though he is not gay in real life. Esposito is not gay. He was married to a woman with whom he has kids, and his ex-wife was a very smart woman who pushed him to try out for Breaking Bad. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more LGBTQ-related News and Updates.

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