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FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 164 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where To Read?


FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 164 Release Date: The next chapter of FFF-Class Trash Hero will be out soon. Do you want to know what happens in the next part of this comic just as much as we do? Well, you’re in the right place to learn everything you need to know.
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But let’s find out what FFF-Class Trash Hero is about first.

The world of FFF-Class Trash Hero is a fantasy world where those with power are in charge. A haven for wild people. Kang Han Soo was picked as the saint of justice because he was a hero. He wasn’t the one who chose his title, of course.

Kang Han Soo was called by the people who live on this world. And they called him a hero whenever they wanted. People said Kang Han Soo was a legendary hero who would save the world from the demon king.

And now, as the chosen person, Kang Han Soo had finally reached the demon king.
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The demon king was the most evil person in the world. He was the leader who would make this world dark. He was called Pedonar, the King of Demons.

Kang Han Soo was sure that he wasn’t one of the clones because of how well he did on stage.
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He had been killing it for ten years, to the point where he was sick of it. This was his ticket on the train to Earth.

Well, the Demon King wasn’t getting the message. The question that had been bothering Kang Han Soo for ten years was not answered until the end. Also, once it got to this point, Kang Han Soo didn’t care anymore. He was sure he would get out of this wild dream world.

FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 164 Release Date and Time!

Internationally, FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 164 is set to come out on July 30, 2023, as it comes out every week. But because the times will be different in different places, here are the times when FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 164 will be out:

Country Time Date
Japan 9:00 pm JST July 30, 2023
South Korea 9:00 pm KST July 30, 2023
US 8:00 am EST July 30, 2023
Canada 8:00 am NT July 30, 2023
India 5:30 pm IST July 30, 2023
Australia 10:00 pm AEST July 30, 2023
Philippines 8:00 pm PHT July 30, 2023

FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 164 Spoilers: What Can You Expect?

In Chapter 164 of FFF-Class Trash Hero, Kang Han Soo will fight his enemies and improve his stats. Since the Demon King wasn’t very smart, he was one of his biggest backers.

FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 164 Release Date

Also, in the next part, Kang Han Soo will organize the black box again before going back to the basic round. We won’t know if Kang Han Soo is able to do this and get back to Earth after ten years until he tries.

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FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 163 Recap!

In FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 163, we saw that Captain Kang Han Soo was running right into his opponents, leaving them all stunned and hurt. Now, his level was 3460, up from 2837.

Kang Han Soo’s rank went up as he kept putting the Demon King down a notch. Even though all he did was make him quiet and hit him hard, the demon king was already very tired and didn’t know what to do next.

Kang Han Soo had to get the black box in order before he could go back to the school ground. He had to upgrade holy power and magic power to ZZ, which took a crazy amount of resources.

Then, Kang Han Soo came back to life as a spirit. He got about a Z (8%). Now, Kang Han Soo could talk to ghosts, understand their language, and hear and see them.

Chapter 164 of FFF-Class Trash Hero: Where to Read?

The English version of FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 164 Raw will be released on Pocket Comics and Tappytoon. Kakao Page will have the raw version or original form of FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 164 in Korean. Go to Namu Wiki to find out more about FFF-Class Trash Hero.

FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 164 Release Date


In conclusion, the next chapter of “FFF-Class Trash Hero” is set to release on July 30, 2023. Fans can expect intense fights and character developments as Kang Han Soo faces the evil Demon King. The English version will be available on Pocket Comics and Tappytoon. Stay tuned for the exciting updates in this captivating fantasy series. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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