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Is Charles Martinet Gay? Take A Close Look At His Sexuality!


Is Charles Martinet Gay? Charles Martinet is a well-known and liked person who is best known as the voice behind the Super Mario video game series. We have a special place in our hearts for the voices of Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi.

There are a lot of stories and guesses about Charles Martinet’s personal life. There have been reports about him being gay as of late. The stories have been spread on the internet before, so this is not the first time they have been heard.

Now, though, we have a clear answer to the question. Read on to find out if the report that Charles Martinet is gay is true. Is it true that Charles Martinet is gay, or is it a joke?

Who is Charles Martinet?

Charles Andre Martinet is an American actor who used to play both Mario and Luigi in the Super Mario video game series.

He also did the voices of other characters in the series, like Wario, Waluigi, and their baby versions, before he stopped doing voice work to become an official representative for the series.

Martinet is also well-known for playing Paarthurnax in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011) and Magenta in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022).

Martinet spent a lot of his childhood in Europe, so he knows French, Spanish, and a little bit of Italian very well. Together with his partner, he lives in the Netherlands.

Charles Andre Martinet was born in San Jose, California, on September 17, 1955. His mother’s family had been in the country since the Mayflower voyages, and his father’s family had come from France soon after World War I, in which Charles’ grandpa had served.

When he was 12, his family moved to Barcelona, and then they moved to Paris. He went to the American School in Paris, where he got his diploma in 1974.

Is Charles Martinet Gay?

Charles Martinet is not gay. The strange tweet he sent was the first thing that started the rumors. In September, Charles Martinet replied to George Takei’s tweet “Gay” with “Gay.” But no one knows what that tweet means, and it remains a secret.

Is Charles Martinet Gay

No evidence shows that Charles Martinet is gay. Martinet has also never said anything about his sexuality before. He has never said or written anything about being gay or straight.

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Who is Charles Martinet Dating?

Right now, Charles Martinet is not going out with anyone. The 67-year-old famous person who is known as the voice of Super Mario has never been married.

There has never been any talk about who he dates. CelebsCouple says that he has been in at least one romance in the past, though. No one has ever told anyone about the facts of the same.

Where is Charles Martinet Now?

Charles Martinet just quit his job. After 30 years of work, the famous voice actor who has been the voice of Super Mario for a long time has revealed that he is retiring.

Charles Martinet now wants to be a Mario envoy and share the “joy of Mario” at events around the world, as he said. Also, Nintendo showed-

“Charles is now starting his new job as an advocate for Mario. With this change, he will no longer be recording the sounds of characters for our games, but he will still travel the world spreading the joy of Mario and talking to all of you!

Is Charles Martinet Gay

It has been a pleasure to work with Charles for so many years to bring Mario to life, and we want to thank him and honor him.


In summary, Charles Martinet, renowned for voicing Mario and other iconic characters, has sparked speculation about his sexuality, but no concrete evidence confirms it. He recently retired after a 30-year career and now serves as a Mario envoy, spreading joy globally. Martinet’s personal life remains private, adding an air of mystery to his celebrated legacy. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more LGBTQ-related News and Updates.

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