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Is Andi Peters Gay? Is Andi Hiding a Major Secret About His Sexuality?


Is Andi Peters Gay? Andi Peters is a British voice actor, TV host, director, and journalist. She works for ITV and is known for hosting shows like The Big Reunion and Dancing on Ice: Extra, as well as Live & Kicking, Good Morning Britain, and Lorraine on GMTV.

Ed Balls’ accusation that Andi Peters used spray tan made news, and now people are more interested in his personal life. However, despite his huge fame, Andi Peters has never talked about his personal life or sexuality, which has led many people to think he is gay.

Then, is Andi Peters gay? Or do these stories have no truth to them? Read on to find out if Andi Peters is a gay person or not.

Who is Andi Peters?

Andi Eleazu Peters is a British TV host, producer, journalist, and voice actor who works for ITV. She is known for hosting Children’s BBC, appearing on Live & Kicking, GMTV, Good Morning Britain, and Lorraine, and hosting Dancing on Ice: Extra and The Big Reunion.

He took part in the first season of Dancing on Ice, a dancing competition on ITV. He was on the third season of Celebrity MasterChef and came in second place, behind Liz McClarnon of the band Atomic Kitten.

Andi Peters started out in television as a host for ITV’s Thames Television and as an in-vision continuity speaker for CITV. In 1989, the BBC hired him to host The Broom Cupboard on Children’s BBC. He took over for Phillip Schofield and Andy Crane.

Peters was with Edd the Duck, a hand puppet with a green mohican that he held in his hand. Peters was the host of The Broom Cupboard for a little more than four years, until he left in 1993.

He went on to host Take Two, a BBC Children’s talk show, and Live & Kicking with Emma Forbes and John Barrowman, a BBC Children’s Saturday morning show.

Is Andi Peters Gay?

Andi Peters is not gay. Andi Peters has not said anything about his sexuality in public or come out in the open. Peters has never told anyone about his personal life. Because of his secret life, some people thought he was gay.

Is Andi Peters Gay

On the other hand, Peters is known for being a very calm person who rarely gives talks to the press and never looks into his own life.

But he was often seen with Emma Forbes in the past, which led to dating reports that were later proven false. During a live airing of the ITV morning show in August 2020, he ruined his producer’s surprise engagement.

Is There a Relationship Between Andi Peters and Emma Forbes?

People have talked a lot about Andi’s private life, and there have been reports that he might be gay. Also, people have talked about whether or not Andi is in a relationship with Emma Forbes. Emma Forbes is a TV reporter and host from Britain.

Some people think they might be dating because they have seen them together more than once. But both Andi and Emma have said over and over that these stories about them dating are not true.

The Relationship Between Andi and Producer Claire!

After that, there was another thing that happened to Andi. He was seen on a roller coaster with Claire, who works for him. This made a lot of noise among fans, who began to wonder if Andi Peters and Claire were dating.

Is Andi Peters Gay

But on his show “Good Morning Britain,” Andi made a mistake and said that Claire is his director and that she just got engaged. So, to make things clear, Claire and Andi are not dating.

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Who is Andi Peters Dating?

Andi Peters isn’t seen with anyone right now. Even though he keeps his love life and hookups in the past very private. But he said he was single on the Loose Men show, according to the Daily Star.

As stated above, it was the only time he told the world about his relationship status. He then said:

“Well, I’m single, so I go alone,” After hearing “awwww” from the crowd, Andi said, “Please don’t feel sorry for me!

He said, “It’s my choice,” and then added, “I’m very cheap.” He also said, “I only have to buy a drink for myself; no one else,” which made everyone laugh.

“I like going by myself, being in charge of everything, and not having to ask anyone’s permission,” he said.

Since then, we haven’t heard a single word from the TV Host about his relationship state or his partner. Even after carefully looking through his social media accounts, we couldn’t find anything that might have been a hint about his girlfriend or boyfriend.

So, it’s possible that he’s dating someone behind the scenes and doesn’t want the public to know about it. It’s also possible that he’s not dating anyone and is just focused on his well-developed job.


The speculation surrounding Andi Peters’ personal life and sexuality has stirred curiosity among fans. Despite his fame as a British TV host and journalist, Andi Peters has maintained a private stance about his personal life, leaving his sexuality undisclosed. While rumors have circulated, Peters has neither confirmed nor denied his sexual orientation. His reserved nature and minimal engagement with the press have contributed to the speculation, but there is no concrete evidence to determine his sexual preference. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more LGBTQ-related News and Updates.

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