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How To Get The Star Eagle Ship in Starfield?


In the vast universe of Starfield, acquiring a spaceship can be a substantial financial endeavor. Even the more affordable Class C and Class B vessels demand a hefty sum of credits, not to mention the astronomical cost of a Class A ship.

Thus, the prospect of obtaining a spaceship, particularly one of the highly coveted Class A variety, entirely free of charge, is an opportunity that any player would undoubtedly relish. Such a chance to secure a top-tier spacecraft without denting one’s credit balance is nothing short of a galactic windfall in the world of Starfield.

When you finish the Freestar Collective story, you get the Star Eagle Ship as a prize. It’s a Class A ship with good stats all around, even before any changes. Players can get it for free, and they don’t even have to pay a fee to claim it as their homeship.

How To Get The Star Eagle Ship in Starfield?

Joining the Freestar Rangers is the first step to getting the Star Eagle Starship. How to do it:

  • In the Cheyenne System, go to Akila City.
  • Save all of the people being held hostage at Galbank to end the hostage scenario.
  • Go inside the Rock bar and talk to Emma on the second floor.
  • Complete any task from the task Board and talk to Emma again to become a Freestar Collective Ranger.

This will start the Freestar Collective questline, which has a lot of tasks and stories and takes about four to five hours to finish if you do everything. Keep moving the story along until you can either arrest Ron Hope or let him go.

How To Get The Star Eagle Ship

Both choices will have long-term effects, so think carefully about which one to make. After you decide what will happen to Ron Hope, you will get the Star Eagle, a Class A ship. As far as getting the ship goes, it doesn’t matter what you do with Ron Hope, as long as the task is finished.

Required Missions To Obtain The Star Eagle!

Following is the comprehensive list of missions you will need to fulfill in order to get your hands on the Star Eagle.

  • Job Gone Wrong
  • Deputized
  • Where Hope is Built
  • Shadows in Neon
  • Surgical Strike
  • On the Run
  • First to Fight, First to Die
  • The Hammer Falls.

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