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The Best and Interesting Online Projects That Three of You Should Play Together


There are many interesting projects in the gaming industry that can captivate one player or a group of gamers. For many friends, a concept for four or five is often offered, but three friends have to play with random players, or simply choose other projects, which we will analyze in this article.

Destiny 2

One of the most famous and interesting MMO projects, which are primarily designed for three people. You can, of course, play with a larger group, which will greatly simplify the passage of most dungeons and strikes, but in general it is not a prerequisite and most mechanics can be completed with just such a group.

In any case, even if it is too difficult for you to complete the dungeon for the first time and to simplify your gameplay in the future, you can order destiny 2 raid carries. A professional player will complete a Mythic raid for you and the legendary equipment you receive will be useful for successfully completing other strikes, raids and PVP in the Trial of Osiris.

Strikes and raids

You will have access to dungeon clearing formats with varying difficulties, which will affect the completion time, difficulty, amount of experience and final reward.

The simplest ones are strikes; if you wish, you can go through them even alone, and in essence they are educational for players to begin understanding the system of future raids.

Raids can be normal, heroic and legendary.

The beauty of playing with three players is that you can, with great effort, clear the most difficult format and get the best reward for selling, or strengthening all members of the group.

A group that learns how to quickly and efficiently complete complex raids, then you will be able to provide Destiny 2 raid carry services to other players and earn glimmers.

Optimal classes

In Destiny 2 there are only three classes that will ideally satisfy all the needs of the group, especially in terms of raids and PVP mode:

  • Titan – will protect and cause a negative effect that will knock down players and monsters that get too close. Keep in mind that this is not full-fledged protection – enemies can still get around you from the flanks and from the back and cause damage or throw a grenade. Titan is the only one who can withstand consistent damage and remain alive and even counterattack his enemies.
  • Warlock is the equivalent of a magic class in MMO shooters that can deal strong AoE damage to multiple enemies, shoot weapons, and create special zones that will heal allies and enhance their stats. No serious grind is complete without a warlock.
  • The Hunter is a full-fledged attack class that is the most popular in all of Destiny 2. Due to the high and stable damage and the ability to use disguise and switch to melee weapons, the Hunter is indispensable in Destiny 2 raid boost due to the stable physical damage that it can provide, especially in combination with warlock healing and titan cover.

Trial of Osiris

It’s a three-player PVP format where groups must battle each other in short three-minute rounds, where the winner begins to accumulate win streaks that can earn them the legendary gear and weapons introduced this season.

The series are fast and dynamic, and in case of defeat, you just need to keep trying until the required number accumulates.

Diablo 4

An online RPG that has long become famous in the gaming industry thanks to the popular second part.

Diablo is available for groups of two, three, or four players.

The game system simply adjusts the difficulty level to the number of players. Monsters are becoming stronger, and there will be more rewards.

The more players play in a group, the easier it is to move into full-fledged endgame.

In Diablo, you need to go through the game several times, constantly increasing the level of difficulty and the quality of equipment and weapons that you can get.

At the nightmare difficulty level, you will encounter opponents with high immunity to various types of attacks, and it is a group of three players with different types of attacks that will be able to cope with the current situation.

For example, if you come across monsters with physical immunity and protection from fire magic, and you have just such a group, then you will not be able to do anything to such a monster, and if it is a boss, then there will be a lot of problems.

But if there is a third character with attacks of a different element, then the boss will be able to be killed, but it will take a lot of time.

Path of Exile

Another fantasy RPG that uses some mechanics similar to Diablo, but also offers its own ideas that can be interesting to play in small groups of up to three people.

PoE is built primarily on the mechanics of leagues – when you complete all the acts for the first time, you can start playing in leagues.

This is a seasonal mode that returns you to the passage, but with new conditions and bonuses.

There are no active skills in Path of Exile – they need to be knocked out using active stones, which will be inserted into sockets and strengthened when used on opponents.

The group will be formed according to basic parameters – strength, dexterity and intelligence.

Taking into account the basis, you will need to select skills to suit your characteristics, otherwise you will not be able to use them.

This is the interesting thing about playing PoE with three people – you will share literally all the knocked-out property and accessories for a stable strengthening of the entire group and a gradual increase in boost for solving more difficult tasks – killing bosses and difficult monsters.

Apex Legends

Apex is a full-fledged survival mode in the battle royale genre, when you land on an area full of enemies and must survive and destroy as many opponents as possible until you become the top 1 survivor.

You can play this format with three people, and then the same groups will be dropped against you to search for weapons, equipment, ammunition, and armor elements.

Thanks to a well-thought-out agent system, you can combine special characters for successful gameplay.The Best and Interesting Online Projects That Three of You Should Play Together

Lifeline is a drone master and combat medic who can create health kits and save the party from having to search for them. If an ally is knocked down, the hero will be able to raise him to his feet not with his own hands, but with the help of a drone, when the lifeline itself will lead the battle and remain available for battle.

Octane is a robotic hero who has natural regeneration, which makes searching for first aid kits unnecessary, but you should be careful because he is an average tank, just a little stronger than other players.

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