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Invideo is a software that is simple to use and helps you create high-quality and interesting video content. It allows anyone to create videos, even if they don’t have editing skills or knowledge.

Imagine you are a marketer who wants to make high-quality videos with little skill and effort. If you don’t know anything about editing, don’t worry! In this review, I will teach you how to create amazing video content.

The best thing is that once you’ve made your video, you can easily share it on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and anywhere else on the internet by uploading it.

Video content has been very popular for a while, but the demand for it has recently grown a lot. Many large companies have entered the industry by creating video-sharing platforms that allow users to share short and exciting videos.

You don’t need expensive video equipment anymore to create videos, unless you have a specific and professional need for high-quality content.

Tools like AI video generator have made online video editing much easier. Now, even people with basic editing skills can create their own unique visual content.

About is a user-friendly online video editing tool that uses AI technology. It allows you to easily create videos for various purposes such as advertising, YouTube content, tutorials, branding, and text-to-video. 

You have the ability to transform your ideas into video content instantly. You can include background voice, utilize stock photos, choose from prebuilt templates, and enjoy many other features. 

The software includes more than 5,000 templates, over 8 million videos and music tracks, 40+ fluid animations, photos, 50+ AI-powered themes, the ability to convert text to video, record voice-overs, and add transitions and effects.

This tool is great for both beginners and professionals who want to create amazing video content. In this review of, we will discuss various use cases.

How to Make Video with

Before you start making your videos, make sure you have everything you need. This includes your logo, script, images, voiceover, and video footage. 

It is important to create a plan for your video materials. Using this tool can save you time and make it easier to create impressive videos quickly. Review 2023

In the app, you can create your video in four different ways. Each option provides you with the same editing features and tools. The kind of video you want to make will help you decide which option to choose.

1- Make Video with Templete

2- Choose Text-to-Video

3- Choose Stock Media

4- Choose Video Editor

Team Collaboration Feature

To invite team members to collaborate on a project, you have two options: sending them an email or sharing a link with them. This feature is useful for freelancers, editors who work in-house, and agencies.

Team members have the ability to leave a comment on the video with a timestamp. This allows them to specify exactly where edits or improvements are needed.

As the administrator, you have the ability to easily add or remove members whenever you want. You can also upload and delete videos, as well as make edits to videos that have been created by other team members.

More Features has many great features that make it a worthwhile investment for small business owners and individuals who use video content for marketing. Here are a few important features: Plans and Pricing

There are basically two types of plans: one is monthly, and the second is yearly. Plan details are given below:


Free: $0 / Month ( Limited )

Business: $30 / Month 

Unlimited: $60/ Month


Free: $0 / Month ( Limited )

Business: $15 / Month 

Unlimited: $30/ Month

Note: They also offer life-time plan pricing of $399 for business and $1099 for unlimited use. Supports

You can reach the customer with two methods: live chat and email.

If you’re having trouble using a specific tool or feature, you can access the live chat within your editor interface. Opening a chat session is a simple way to get answers to your questions.


Is a good video editor?

If you want to quickly and easily create impressive short videos, is a great video editing software to consider.

It is easy to use and navigate. Beginners find it easier to use because there are many pre-made templates and a large selection of stock photos available. You can use many customization features to make your video unique and noticeable.

What is the Duration of the Invideo Free Trial? does not provide a free trial for its premium plans. However, they do offer a forever free account. You can sign up for a free account without needing to provide a credit card.

You can stay on the free plans for as long as you like. You have the freedom to decide if the features you need are worth paying for.

Can I use Invideo on My Phone?

Invideo offers a mobile app for users of both Android and iOS. You can edit your video content using the Invideo Filmr app on your smartphone. It allows you to add effects, background voice, templates, and more.


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