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Vocabulary Building Apps to Download on Your Phone


Have you ever wished to say beautiful, lesser-known words eloquently in a normal conversation, raising the eyebrows of the listeners and sounding smart?

If so, it is time to make it a reality.

You can learn new words to boost your confidence and improve your way of communication in casual and professional settings. But how do you do that? Cram those difficult-to-pronounce and remember words?

Nah! There is a better way!

You can use tools and apps that make learning new words fun. These tools gamify the learning process to improve retention. So, let’s explore some of the best apps you can use to improve your vocabulary and get a command of the language.

On a lighter note, we would suggest you connect your device to the internet to unlock the multitude of features on the applications. Having a speedy internet like Spectrum will be the cherry on the cake. If you are a Spanish speaker, you may contact servicio al cliente Spectrum to get personalized help.

Anyway, here are the best vocabulary apps for you:

  1. Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh

While this is purely a GRE prep tool, it can be helpful for anyone intending to learn high-profile vocabulary. This app has a pool of 1,200 Graduate Record Examination (GRE) words, and it uses a flashcard-like interface to help you learn new words. The app repeatedly shows the word until you memorize it with all your heart.

The feature that makes it one of the best vocabulary apps is that it offers extensive definitions. It helps you learn the meaning and contexts of the word.

Also, every time you discover a new word, it will show you examples of how to use the word in a sentence.

Moreover, it helps you keep track of your performance and shows how you progress on basic, intermediate, and advanced words. These different levels of competency allow you to gradually progress by skipping a level if you already know most of the words.

This app also has quiz mode with which you can test your memory by matching a definition to a possible answer.

  1. Word of the Day

If you are one thing at a time person, then this app is perfect for you. This app lets you learn a new word every day. It provides a wide range of useful and challenging vocabulary and provides you details about how to use them in sentences. Moreover, this app also lists synonyms of each word to expand your learning. And the speech feature on the app teaches you the correct pronunciation of the word.

This app conducts quick tests to determine the user’s current level. With a state of art word recommendation system, it suggests words tailored to the user’s needs and interests. Moreover, its dictionary is powered by Oxford Languages and a team of in-house editors to provide daily features. Users can set up notifications and can store words in their collection.

  1. Word with Friends

Another incredible vocabulary-learning app that we have added to our list is Word with Friends. It is primarily a multiplayer game where players take turns to build crossword puzzles. You can integrate this app with your social media account and play the game with your friends. As you compete with other players, you learn new words while also enjoying the process. You can download this app on your phone and get started now. However, it can be downloaded on the computer as well.

  1. Wordela

Wordela is quite a comprehensive tool that was developed to help people master the art of language and vocabulary. It is an advanced tool that uses AI and advanced learning algorithms to help you learn vocabulary. The app is recommended for anyone who wants to learn vocabulary to use fluently in daily life.

This a customizable app that helps you learn new vocabulary on multiple devices. Moreover, its advanced technology helps you learn words. These words are custom-tailored to your learning style, relevant subjects, and proficiency levels.

What’s more, it offers vocabulary courses and wordlist from a pool of around 150,000 words. Each word provides access to a dictionary with extensive definitions, pronunciations, and usage examples.

  1. com is a combined learning tool and game that allows you to learn words you or the app chooses for you. In essence, you play games and deposit your vocabulary bank. It uses an advanced learning algorithm to customize questions and quizzes for each user. In sum, it is a pretty cool and goal-oriented learning resource that turns vocabulary learning lessons into a fun challenge.

Bottom Line

Do you feel the need for good vocabulary to use in your casual and professional conversations? Then, you can head over to some of the coolest applications (that we have mentioned in the article). These apps are uniquely designed to help you learn new words more effectively. Download the app now!

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